Controversial statements on Delhi Gangrape by Well-known people

In this very interesting post, Shilpa Jamkhandikar gives a list of the Hall of Shame of the people who have given controversial statements regarding the Delhi Gang Rape incident.  Just putting it here as a means of future reference. Asaram Bapu, self-proclaimed “godman”: “She should have taken God’s name and could have held the hand of one of the men and said ‘I consider you as my brother’, and should have said to the other two ‘Brother I am helpless, you are my brother, my religious brother.’” I … [Read more...]

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Rape Map of India: Insightful, Indicative and Useful

The following "Rape Map of India" is very interesting.  In 2011, a total of 24,206 rape cases were registered in India, as per the National Crime Records Bureau.  The map gives the distribution of the cases.  Obviously, reporting of rape cases in India is not the same as reporting of a rape case in, say Sweden.  Many go unreported in India.  So, while this gives an indication of regional occurrence, it shouldn't be taken as truth for overall numbers.As can be seen the top 6 states for the crim … [Read more...]

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India Today Sex Survey shows small towns aren’t so innocent after all

India Today's sex survey has brought out some bizarre facts about small towns in India.  The concept of small towns and villages as "simple and innocent" is probably just a romantic idea after all.  Here are some interesting points:Aizawl has the highest percentage of individuals who nominate their boyfriends/girlfriends as the first sexual partner. It also reports the highest percentage of live-in relationships, as well as those with multiple sexual partners. 58% of respondents in Kota d … [Read more...]

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