How to Brainwash a Nation: 4-step process shared by ex-KGB agent to India

Ideological Subversion is a method of cultural warfare - is a slow method - to change the perception of reality, where despite the availability of abundance of information, citizens of a country cannot make out the reality.Yuri Bezmenov was trained in Russia by the KGB and served as a "journalist" in India during the 60s.  In this video he discusses how this process of Ideological Subversion occurs.The whole process follows 4-steps:Demoralize a nation (15-20 years): Expose your ideology … [Read more...]

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China’s Historical Cycles of Center vs Regional Control; can it avert regional implosion this time?

On a larger scale, when you look at the "Big Picture History" of China, one sees constant periods of expansion and contractions fueled by strong Central rule and Regional power grab. With the uneven growth in China - Rural/Urban, North/South, Coastal/Inland - the fissures that have ensured the cycles in earlier history of China may emerge yet again.They may or may not, because - mindful of that probably - Communist party in China has always ruled with an iron hand and an opaque national … [Read more...]

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