Math Genius Siblings from a Farmer’s house in Ghaziabad

Here is a remarkable story of two kids of one farmer from near Ghaziabad who are mathematical geniuses.  Amazing kids both and they have been admitted into the DPS International, a private school now through the initiative of an NGO and Government.Qazzafi Baig, a farmer is the proud father of two child prodigies Rashid and Hifza Baig. Hifza and Rashid are mathematical genius. Hifza being among the 26 children chosen for the National Child Award for Exceptional Achievement 2012 by President … [Read more...]

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Significance of the number 108 in Spirituality and Yoga

108 is a very important number.  Hindus do everything as a count of 108.  The beads, the mantras, the yantras..Sadhguru explains the importance of 108 and why it is so significant to a Spiritual seeker and central to Yoga.Hindu deities have 108 names, and there were 108 Gopis as well.Btw, in mathematics, The equation  results in the golden ratio.     Related articles from External SourcesYoga lessons will open up kids to Hindu deities, say crackpot Chris … [Read more...]

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