America’s weight problem: Anorexia amidst widespreasd Obesity!

On the one hand, America has an acute Obesity problem.  Very young kids are vulnerable and in desperate trouble.  But there are kids on the other side of the range as well - those suffering Anorexia.  These are kids who want to lose weight and not eat.  The problem seems to be more acute than most of us would think!  Here is an interesting in-depth look into the whole issue by Tom Ashbrook in OnPoint Radio! “Anorexia can strike and kill as early as kindergarten.” The headline left us breathle … [Read more...]

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Adderall – drug for ADHD – Addiction on US Campuses rising

Kids and youth need to focus in this age of lots of information.  So what are they doing? Abusing a medicine that is used for a particular psychological ailment.  This could have long term impact and situations for the youth who are caught in this web! The United States has four percent of the world’s population, and produces 88 percent of the world’s legal stimulant drugs. Including Adderall, the amphetamine-based drug widely prescribed for ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Impre … [Read more...]

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Relationships are divisions between Individuals

The following talk was given on April 24, 1971, New York and has been taken from "Awakening of Intelligence" by J. Krishnamurti. I would like to talk about relationship, about what love is, about human existence in which is involved our daily living, the problems one has, the conflicts, the pleasures and the fears, and that most extraordinary thing one calls death.I think one has to understand, not as a theory, not as a speculative, entertaining concept, but rather as an actual fact - … [Read more...]

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Why even have relationships?

Amazing depth of wisdom on the need and relevance of even having relationships.  When we are complete, why even seek completeness outside?  When the source of joy is within, why use someone else for it? … [Read more...]

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