India’s permissible Radiation Limits from Cell Phone Towers is 900 times the global safety limits; causes headaches, behavioral problems

This is unacceptable. Just because people are not aware and ignorance is being misused - criminally, I would say - to hurt a population without its knowledge!  In the coming years, the health impact of this on an entire population could be nothing short of devastating. India’s permissible limit for radiation levels from mobile phone towers is 900 times higher than the safe limit of 0.5 milliwatts per square metre, suggests a global report on health risks from exposure to wireless technology ra … [Read more...]

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Woman battered to death in Muslim dominated Bihar village in Taliban style execution!

 We had discussed yesterday how a Muslim dominated village in Bihar has banned use of cell phones for unmarried women.  Now comes the story of Taliban like execution in a Bihar village, again dominated by Muslims. Bibi Shehzadi, 32, a Muslim housewife of Asiyani village who had been hailed for starting a self-helpgroup for impoverished women, was allegedly given a "death sentence" by the local panchayat on Thursday. Investigation in the case is on, but no one had been arrested till the f … [Read more...]

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Bihar Village bans unmarried girls from using Mobiles

The Muslim dominated Sundarbari panchayat under Kochadhaman block in Kishanganj district of Bihar has put a strange set of restrictions on women.  Apparently, the villagers aren't secure with their women using the mobiles.If an unmarried girl uses mobile, she will have to pay a fine of Rs 10,000.  A married lady, on the other hand, has been spared the fine ONLY if she uses the cell phone within the home.  If she is caught using a mobile outside her house, she will be fined Rs 2000 as we … [Read more...]

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Nationwide Roaming charges to be eliminated from March’13 in India

Great news for India's cell phone users - roaming nationwide will be eliminated.  It is about time it was eliminated.  India seems to be the only country which has such a stupid tariff WITHIN the country! After announcing plans to abolish roaming charges for mobile users when traveling within India from next year, the telecom department is likely to ask operators to implement this consumer-friendly move from March.  Mobile phone companies have opposed the government's plans to do away with ro … [Read more...]

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Fuzzy Math of India's Cell Phone Market and its Growth Potential

India's total subscriber's base is 300 mn, but its mobile connections are over 900 mn (close to a bn) now.  It follows the strange situation in the developing markets, where the ratio of SIM cards to users of mobile devices stands at 2.2. India is a case in point. The country's 900m mobile connections (second only to China's) are in the hands of just 300m of its 1.2 billion people, the lowest proportion among big emerging economies. The GSMA estimates that India's mobile-subscriber base will … [Read more...]

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