ThinkIndia Speech of Modi and his vision: We finally have a Visionary and a Doer in our midst!

This conference appearance and interaction of and with Narendra Modi is special.  In this, the attempt of the organizers was to discuss substantive stuff and not keep harping on the same "Gujarat 2002".  Honestly, that has become the lamest kind of discussion around Modi.Had Modi been in business, by now, he would have been in the league of Jack Welch and the Tatas of India as far as the ways of doing business is concerned and his popularity.  People talk about Nitish Kumar etc.  Honestly, apa … [Read more...]

Laloo Yadav, tell us what YOU can do, not how you will stop others!

You know something is terribly wrong with things, when the leaders are not giving any idea of what THEY want to do to improve things.  Rather, they keep emphasizing on how they would block others who are doing good work.  By ANY stretch of imagination and benchmark, Narendra Modi has contributed FAR more to India's growth in a year than Laloo Prasad Yadav has done in a all his years.  Yet, the dwarf Yadav's ONLY aim in life is to make sure that Modi doesn't become the PM. Rashtriya Janata Dal (R … [Read more...]

Markandey Katju: Rushes out of Interview in Anger on being questioned; is he fit to run Press Council of India?

Justice Markandey Katju who has been locking horns with Arun Jaitley and BJP in general has been flouting all the norms of being impartial as the person at helm of the Press Council of India.  Well, he has recently been showing anger against Narendra Modi as if he is on some crusade ordered by Sonia Gandhi and Digvijay Singh.His charge against Modi is that Modi is dictatorial and doesn't listen to anyone.But, when this Katju guy is asked to clarify his own stuff and answer one pointed q … [Read more...]

Mamata Bannerjee publicly abuses her lady security guard at Kolkata Book Fair

We talked of Mamata Bannerjee in the last post.  How Aakar Patel, equated her with Modi in terms of what she does and says.  Well, here is some example of her behavior.  This socially and behaviorally illiterate female was at Kolkata Book Fair on Wednesday.  And while coming out she shouts at her guards. On Wednesday evening, while coming out from the Kolkata Book Fair, Ms Banerjee shouted at her guards, "Apnakay chapkano uchit" which in English means, "you should be whipped." She was apparently … [Read more...]

Shameless Bias of Media: Rahul’s Melodramatic & Scripted Speech vs Modi’s Visionary yet Grounded Call to Youth

To know the bias and the shallowness of the mainstream media, this is a good comparison.  Rahul Gandhi is a nincompoop with a silver spoon and his speech that day - where he brought up the "Power is Poison" statement - was scripted and made up.  It was easy to know.On the other hand, Modi spoke from his own experience and work he has done.Who is a leader and who is not is pretty obvious when you see their track record.For these ivory tower journos - Sagarika's tweet is pretty telling.  She … [Read more...]

Reactions on Rajdeep Sardesai’s program on Modi’s speech at SRCC: shallow, rhetorical and lacking in substance

This is the program on Modi's speech at SRCC.  It includes views of many youth, Aakar Patel (a Journalist), a Muslim professor from Jamia Milia, and Tania - a girl who rattled Mamata Bannerjee with a question.Let us look at some of the material discussed:Modi was planted by RSS as the Chief Minister in Gujarat, even though he didn't have any experience and so his elevation is no different from Rahul Gandhi's. (Aakar Patel): First, this journo talks with a certain amount of disdain (and he … [Read more...]

UPA’s JnNURM Fiasco: Most of Urban ministry’s Model projects are from Modi’s Gujarat!

Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JnNURM) is a massive city-modernisation scheme launched by the Government of India under Ministry of Urban Development.  The idea was to spend $20 billion over seven years.  Fantastic idea.  Well, not quite so as the UPA Government prepares to launch its 2014 poll campaign with the toddler-become-leader-of-juveniles Rahul Baba.Why?Because all the great projects under this scheme are actually from Gujarat!!Self-financing of a road project: Kn … [Read more...]

Why Markandey Katju’s assessment of Modi doesn’t make sense

After Modi's victory, there is a lot of discussion and debate on both sides of the aisle - those who support Modi and those who don't.  Here is one such remark by Markandey Katju I have been asked my opinion about Mr.Modi.Till now I avoided commenting on him since I thought that my views may be misconstrued as if i wish to influence the Gujarat elections. Now that the elections are over I may speak out.The test of every system is whether the standard of living of the masses is rising or not. … [Read more...]