The month that was, while Drishtikone was in Transition

We have been off air on Drishtikone for the new transition to complete.In this time, a lot has happened - in India and the world.India:IPL Betting controversy:  Led by the Indian Pacer Sreesanth, players and bookies have been caught cheating on teams and throwing matches to get pay offs from betting in the IPL games.  Not just the players and outsiders like Vindu Dara Singh, who was connecting many dots, but even the owner of a team - Raj Kundra of Rajasthan Royals has admitted to b … [Read more...]

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Truth of Pakistan’s role in Kargil Exposed by ex-DG-Analysis of ISI, Gen. Shahid Aziz

In this program Islamabad Tonight (1st February 2013) Gen. Shahid Aziz, who was Director General (Analysis) of ISI at the time of Kargil War exposes Pervez Musharraf's short-sighted strategy of Kargil War, how Pakistan lost badly, how it didn't even claim the bodies of its soldiers and also manipulative attitude of Pervez Musharraf during the War On Terror post 9/11. Very interesting discussion. The video is full with no edits.All the things that India has been claiming and that the Pakistanis … [Read more...]

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Pakistanis think India is greater threat than Taliban despite the bombings by latter

Pakistanis are remarkably neurotic people.  It is no secret that it is a heaven for conspiracy theorists.  That's their staple.  What this thing has done is to make them orchestrate their own ruin. If you look at the chart here you will see that while the people who believe that Taliban is a greater threat have decreased in the last few years (strangely, as the attacks by Taliban have increased!); while those viewing India as a threat have correspondingly increased. Go fi … [Read more...]

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