Is the concern over US Debt paranoia and are we creating permanent unemployment?

To place a lot of importance to the debt that the US has accumulated is to ignore the other strengths from which the US comes to table with.  The impact of debt in case of US specifically is the sum total of its economic, military and political clout.  Fortunately for the US, and unfortunately for the world, debt is not the only thing that plays a role in the debt-dynamics between US and the world.  We saw that in the 1980s as well, when Dollar was the currency for Oil Trade despite an eroding Do … [Read more...]

On why Pico Iyer Unplugged from the Digital Grid and Social World

The digital world has taken over our lives.  So much so that we can't escape being constantly connected 100%. We text, we tweet, we carry cell phones like they’re life lines. We check our e-mails, our Facebook pages, our online status six different ways.  And then we start again.  We’ve known for a while now that the digital world – great as it is – could be addictive.  Overwhelming.  An obsession.  A leash.  A prison.Some people are breaking out.  Letting go.  Staying off.  Travel writer Pico … [Read more...]

Sex and the Arab World: Intimate Life in the changing Arab World

With the new developments in the Arab world - the Arab spring and the new Islamization of the politics - how are the sexual mores and pressures bearing upon the women?  Not well, avers Shereen El Feki, the author of the book - “Sex and the Citadel” The Arab Spring may be sputtering.  They’re still in the streets of Cairo, but lately it’s been for sectarian standoffs and, too often, the abuse in the streets of women. Sexual abuse.Pay attention to that realm, says Shereen El Feki. The realm of se … [Read more...]

Crony Capitalism, dysfunctional Republicans and Democrats and the doom of American Economy

Is the American economy doomed?  An ex-White House Budget Director, David Stockman, thinks so.  He thinks US is compromised economically, morally, and intellectually. 1980s White House budget director David Stockman was a right-hand man to his boss Ronald Reagan.  Deep in the heart of the Reagan revolution.  In 1985, Stockman resigned.  Moved on.Now he’s looking back on 80 years of American history and economics and politics – and warning we are in giant trouble.  Practically doomed, Stockman s … [Read more...]

How one Autistic Couple tries to live a “normal” life

Autism is a tough situation, where the person, though living at the high end of spectrum on certain skills is short on the emotional front.  But people with such syndromes do have feelings.  How do they navigate the world and express them?  Can they live normal lives?  Here is a one couple that’s navigating those challenges. And finding that their shared diagnosis helps them understand each other.  This is a program by Tom Ashbrook on "On Point Radio.Guests:Amy Harmon, Pulitzer Prize- … [Read more...]

Narendra Modi to deliver Keynote at Annual Wharton India Conference via Video Conference

Another reminder that irrespective of what the Government of US may say, the phenomenon of Narendra Modi is not receding in the background.  Now, after being feted by the high and mighty of Indian business, and a highly successful speech at Shriram College of Commerce, Modi is being invited to the annual conference of The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.The 17th Annual Wharton India Economic Forum (WIEF), a student-run conference focused on business and economic development in … [Read more...]

Italian CEO arrested for bribes in Indian deal; why no probes on Indian side? Who received the bribe?

We had talked about how the helicopter deal to the Italian company Finmeccanica had massive bribery issues and investigation was going on in Italy.  It also came out in the investigations in Italy that the technical specifications were tweaked deliberately to give the  contract specifically to this Italian company. India allegedly tweaked the technical requirements in the tender to procure 12 VVIP helicopters for the Air Force to help Italian manufacturer AgustaWestland enter the race, an a … [Read more...]

Does Social Media Encourage Violent Teen Behavior?

Just as India is reeling in the aftermath of the mindless Gangrape of the Delhi Braveheart; US is too going through a similar heart-burn and contemplation of its own societal situation after the Steubenville gang rape incident.  This is some of the information on the rape case. (Also read Lessons of Steubenville) First brought to national attention by a New York Times story in December, the alleged rape involves a girl from a neighboring town in West Virginia who became so drunk and in … [Read more...]