How Republicans (America’s “Poor man’s Pakistan Army”) can bring down American Democracy

Flexible and just systems and societies always have two types of social contract - Laws (that you have to abide by as per the letter) and Traditional Guidelines (that aren't set in letter but abided by in spirit).  Democracy is a system that needs both.  But more than the rigid written laws, it needs all the governing arms to understand and carry on the tradition of the spirit of the foundational social contract.Many a times, a democratic country gets corrupt and bad rulers.  Countries where … [Read more...]

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77% of the Growing Asian-American Community voted for Obama in 2012 Elections!

An interesting and one-of-a-kind study done on the involvement of the Asian-Americans in the elections throws up some interesting insights.  The study was done by Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (AALDEF).  It did a nonpartisan multilingual exit poll of 9,096 Asian American voters in the November 2012 Presidential Elections.  The poll was done in 37 cities across 14 states on Election Day:  New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, Michigan, Illinois, G … [Read more...]

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Using Statistics to impact Elections and a Preschool in Sweden’s attempt to “Eliminate Gender” (Audio Podcast)

A very interesting talk with PhD candidate in statistics Panos Toulis about his work with the Obama campaign and the increasingly quantitative nature of elections in America.  The podcast also discusses an effort to eliminate gender at a Swedish preschool where there are no boys or girls, only "friends."  Very interesting discussions! … [Read more...]

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Drone Strikes in Pakistan have become more efficient every year

A lot of Pakistanis talk against drones and how they are a blot on their nation's sovereignty.  Many say drones - and they are right - are one of the major cause of hatred in Pakistan towards US.  Well, drones may not be the cause, but an alibi to hang their hatred on.And, as this graph - shared by friend Ali Chisti from Pakistan on his facebook profile - says, the drones have been eliminating more terrorists than innocent civilians. So, some will surely ask - What is the basis to k … [Read more...]

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Pakistan's Disintegration and Nukes Falling to Extremists is Obama's Greatest Nightmare

Obama's biggest national security concern is Pakistan.This was revealed by a book  “Confront and Conceal: Obama’s Secret War and Surprising Use of American Power” written by David E. Sanger, chief Washington correspondent of The New York TimesHis biggest worry is that its Nukes may be taken away by the extremists when (and not if) Pakistan disintegrates. The book identifies Pakistan as President Obama’s “biggest single national security concern” and it quotes Mr Obama telling his senior aides … [Read more...]

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Obama invited to Islam

You can fault these guys for anything, but for having nerves and being blatant. These guys are standing right in front of the White House and mouthing all sorts of stuff against US and Obama. And then they proceed to invite Obama into Islam because that will "save" him.It is rather intriguing that both Christians and Muslims are after "saving" everybody else in the world, while they can't save themselves from all sorts of mess. When will people stop from trying to force themselves on others … [Read more...]

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