America’s weight problem: Anorexia amidst widespreasd Obesity!

On the one hand, America has an acute Obesity problem.  Very young kids are vulnerable and in desperate trouble.  But there are kids on the other side of the range as well - those suffering Anorexia.  These are kids who want to lose weight and not eat.  The problem seems to be more acute than most of us would think!  Here is an interesting in-depth look into the whole issue by Tom Ashbrook in OnPoint Radio! “Anorexia can strike and kill as early as kindergarten.” The headline left us breathle … [Read more...]

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The Fallacies of Fat: Myths of Weight Gain

America is fat and obese.  One in three adults and One in six kids are obese.  How can you reduce weight?  Here is a discussion with endocrinologist and obesity doc Robert Lustig on what works.  He has recently written his book - Fat Chance: Beating the Odds Against Sugar, Processed Food, Obesity, and Disease - where he says that exercise, for all its benefits, won't help you shed pounds -- and that fasting only worsens weight gain. … [Read more...]

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Extent and Impact of Weight Bias and Stigmatizing in the society

We all know that obese people face bias and the obese kids face ridicule and bullying.  What is the nature of the whole process of stigmatizing of obesity.  As the Obesity increases in America, the bias seems to be increasing and not decreasing.This behavior by others to the obese people, creates a depression and lot of mental problems in those people, which can have a very damaging and often devastating impact on their whole life.Yale Rudd Center has done a lot of work in this area and we c … [Read more...]

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North Indian kids more obese and unhealthy than kids in rest of India

Kids in North India are less healthier than kids in other parts of India.  This was uncovered in the 'EduSports School Health and Fitness Survey' which surveyed over 49,000 children aged 7 to 17 years in over 100 schools in 54 Indian cities.  Unfortunately, it is not due to less food, but due to MORE food and unhealthy habits, leading to increased obesity.  The fitness levels are lower in North now compared to the other regions. "A higher incidence of obesity is observed among children from the n … [Read more...]

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Forget Fat genes, go exercise!

In US, there is an entire society built on accomodating Obesity. Not obese people, but obesity. It is as if the Americans don't want to offend this rather privileged state of being in human beings. So, myriad of theorires are created to explain why being fat is fine and inevitable. After all no one can really fight the genetic structure. And astonishingly, most of those with such genes somehow live in a small set of cities. These are also the cities, by the way, which have a general … [Read more...]

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