Story of Ali Mohamed: Osama’s spy in US who infiltrated the FBI, CIA and the US Army!

What an extraordinary tale of infiltration of the US Intelligence agencies and Armed forces by an Al Qaeda spy working for Osama Bin Laden.  His motivation or ideal?  "With Political domination, Islam cannot survive"This is the true story of Egyptian spy Ali Mohamed. He infiltrated U.S. intelligence agencies, including the CIA and FBI, and joined the U.S. Army. At the same time, he took orders from the Egyptian Islamic Jihad terrorist organization and later joined forces with al Qaeda. He t … [Read more...]

General Musharraf on Recent Beheading Case; again proves Richard Clarke “Pakistanis are Pathological Liars” quip

I think we all are accustomed to the "Game of Denial" that Pakistanis play.  Except for the hard-core believers of "Fairness" fetish; no one really believes anything that Pakistan says anymore.  I mean really.  For most Government - as was obvious in Osama Bin Laden's operation - whatever Pakistanis say has to be discounted by 100%.  It really doesn't mean anything.  Such is the status, that now, even they do not know when they are lying anymore.Their lying habit and manner of obfuscation is so … [Read more...]

Quick Strike, Denial backed by alert Nukes maybe best to deal with Pakistani nonsense

In yet another incident, where the Political class and the Military are on two different pages, the Air Chief Marshal NAK Browne says that India will have to "look at options" to deal with the incidences that are occurring with Pakistan, while Salman Khurshid, India's Foreign Minister wants nothing more than "stop Cricket matches".It seems that the politicians just don't get it.  It is as if they don't know what to do!  Whether of BJP or the Congress or whatever party.  Everytime something hap … [Read more...]

Indian connection at the Oscars this year – “Life of Pi” and “Lincoln”

This year there will be multiple ways that India will be represented at the Academy Awards ceremony.  There are 9 nominees for the Best Picture:Civil War saga "Lincoln";  the old-age love story "Amour"; the Iran hostage thriller "Argo"; the independent hit "Beasts of the Southern Wild"; the slave-revenge narrative "Django Unchained"; the musical "Les Miserables"; the shipwreck story "Life of Pi"; the lost-souls romance "Silver Linings Playbook"; and the Osama bin Laden manhunt c … [Read more...]

Two reasons why Pakistani Army is Encouraged to hit at India at will

Brahma Chellaney shares some important points on what issues face India in its Pakistan policy.  He is of the view that India has presented itself as a weak nation and has abandoned the vigor to go after the main issues, including terrorism.  It is a shame that in a hurry to resume talks India has delinked them from Terrorism itself. The Pakistani military is drawing encouragement from two factors. The first factor is that the US-Pakistan relationship, after being on the boil for more than a y … [Read more...]

Why is US State Department shielding ISI and its Jihadi ex-DGs in NY District Court?

"For three decades, consecutive US administrations, Republicans and Democrat, as well as the governments in Britain and other European countries, had allowed Pakistan to acquire highly restricted nuclear technology.  In a disastrous epoch, ket state assets were then misdirected and countermanded in order to disguide how Pakistan had sold it on.  Intelligence gathering in the US was blunted while federal agencies, including the Departments of State and Defense were corralled into backing the W … [Read more...]

Was Osama Operation a Payback by India for 26/11?

In a very influential online magazine, there is an interesting article on the Operation Neptune Spear - where the US Navy Seals killed Osama Bin Laden.  This is what the article says: The fourteenth page of images in No Easy Day contains a map showing the routes taken by the two flights of helicopters: the Black Hawks taking the assaulters to Abbottabad, and the MH-47 Chinooks carrying a quick reaction force (QRF) and forward area refueling point (FARP) team. While the latter flew due east to a s … [Read more...]

Osama’s Death and Pakistan

Osama Bin Laden's saga will turn out to be one issue that is going to define Pakistan and even its relationship to the world in the coming decades. Why? Because a lot of what is happening and what will happen in the future is because the veil over the actions by the Jehadis and the Government - which often has acted as the shield or even an extension of the Jehadis - has been blown away. The lid on this was a carefully cultivated drama for a long time. Somehow, it has been blown away.New … [Read more...]