How Republicans (America’s “Poor man’s Pakistan Army”) can bring down American Democracy


Flexible and just systems and societies always have two types of social contract - Laws (that you have to abide by as per the letter) and Traditional Guidelines (that aren't set in letter but abided by in spirit).  Democracy is a system that needs both.  But more than the rigid written laws, it needs all the governing arms to understand and carry on the tradition of the spirit of the foundational social contract.Many a times, a democratic country gets corrupt and bad rulers.  Countries where … [Read more...]

Why India raised issues about Border violations: the Pakistani panel at its ridiculous worst!

I have seen a lot of stupid anchors on Pakistani TV and totally illogical discussions.  But this one takes the cake!  Worse thing is I consider him to be one of the intelligent guys in Pak media!The discussion, the reasons, and the "insights" just stump you.  I mean, at every new "revelation" you ask - what the heck is he smoking out there?The program starts with the presumption that whatever India is saying and raising its voice on is OBVIOUSLY INCORRECT and PROPAGANDA!  Now, that they have … [Read more...]

Lessons from Expose on Kargil by Gen. Shahid Aziz: How Pakistan evaluates Indians

This video has the discussion with a lot of people, including Gen Shahid Aziz, who has written a book on Kargil.  The discussion here brings out two interesting things:1. Pakistani Army thinks Indians - Defense and Politicians - are a bunch of nincompoops and can be taken for a ride. The lady actually narrates the logic of the General whose brainchild Kargil was.  "Yeh baniye hain, inse ladai nahin hoti".  And, this was the exact mindset that the Generals had during the 1965 and 1971 wars.  And … [Read more...]

Solutions are needed in India, not Outrage!

A country is not a one-celled animal that it can only focus or do one thing at a time.  Nor is a human being so.  A country needs to have an organizational ability (through its Executive, Administrative, Legislative, and Judiciary) to tackle many fronts at the same time.Lately, we have had a horrendous incident of Rape, which has brought the issue of rape to the fore-front.  Now, it seems rapes are happening everywhere and everyday and with every one.  Suddenly, women in India seem to be bes … [Read more...]

Indian Jawans’ Beheading by Pakistani Army: Ill-informed Indian TV anchors, ill-prepared debaters and aggressive but lying Pakistani media sociopaths

Two Indian soldiers have been beheaded.  As we discussed this is an extremely barbaric act and an inhuman behavior.  Even animals can do better than that.  I have put two videos at the bottom of the post which you should view.  One is the Rajdeep Sardesai's program and the other is Arnab Goswami's program.  Both have Pakistani "guests" and "analysts" talking.  Both try their best to get to the facts but they are being heckled by the Pakistani guests.Before we go forward, I would like to point o … [Read more...]

Sikh kidnapped, killed, beheaded and body mutilated before being dumped in a sack

Another beheading by Jehadis in Pakistan. This time of a Sikh living in Northwest Pakistan. Not only was he beheaded, but his body was also mutilated because being sent back.More importantly, what makes a person do such a thing? Why are the fighters in the Islamic world - both, in the Pak Army (like they did to the two Indian soldiers) and Jehadi alike - SOOOOOO besotted by this SICK idea of Beheading? I mean.. honestly.. why?? What's the kick that one gets from it? Must be some need that is … [Read more...]

Pakistani soldiers (Sickos!) enter Indian territory, behead two Indian soldiers and carry one’s head with them as trophy

Honestly, one doesn't understand the motivation of Pakistanis - their forces and the passionate Jehadis - to act as worse than animals. To behead someone and carry their heads around as trophies is demeaning. It is more a comment on the guy who does that, than someone whose head was carried.  Every soldier is fighting for his country - whether it is an American soldier or a Canadian, a Saudi, a British, a Pakistani or an Indian.The least one soldier can do to another is show some respect.  War … [Read more...]

Pakistani News Editor sacked for Cooking up a “Wikileak” story to please his ISI bosses

Certain changes are happening in the Pakistani world, that give reason for hope to the outside world. This incident of sacking of a news editor because he cooked up a false Wikileaks report to please his bosses in ISI and Pakistan Army, does show that some sections are standing up against the whole establishment. Siddique Sajid, editor of Pakistan's Online news agency, has been sacked after it published a fake WikiLeaks-based report that New Delhi allegedly played a role in destabilising the … [Read more...]