How Republicans (America’s “Poor man’s Pakistan Army”) can bring down American Democracy


Flexible and just systems and societies always have two types of social contract - Laws (that you have to abide by as per the letter) and Traditional Guidelines (that aren't set in letter but abided by in spirit).  Democracy is a system that needs both.  But more than the rigid written laws, it needs all the governing arms to understand and carry on the tradition of the spirit of the foundational social contract.Many a times, a democratic country gets corrupt and bad rulers.  Countries where … [Read more...]

A New Island appears off the coast of Balochistan after the Quake


This Tuesday, a rather interesting thing happened after a very sad event.Pakistan's Balochistan area was hit by a 7.7 magnitude Earthquake.  As people in the coastal town of Gwadar came out, they saw a rather incredible sight of an island suddenly having appeared just away from the coast right where there was nothing.Barely half an hour after they were jolted by a major earthquake on Tuesday, people of the Pakistani coastal town of Gwadar had another shock when they saw a new island … [Read more...]

The month that was, while Drishtikone was in Transition

We have been off air on Drishtikone for the new transition to complete.In this time, a lot has happened - in India and the world.India:IPL Betting controversy:  Led by the Indian Pacer Sreesanth, players and bookies have been caught cheating on teams and throwing matches to get pay offs from betting in the IPL games.  Not just the players and outsiders like Vindu Dara Singh, who was connecting many dots, but even the owner of a team - Raj Kundra of Rajasthan Royals has admitted to b … [Read more...]

Pakistan Govt paid $1.8 mn to journalists from Secret Government Fund

As much as the Pakistani journalists keep asserting their freedom, and keep accusing Indian Journalists of toeing the Indian Government line, the truth was that Pakistan media people would stand right alongside whatever lie or latest "controversy theory" that the Government would dish out.  So there was always a sneaking suspicion that there was a collusion between the Government and Journalists.  Now, due to a case in the Supreme Court by two journalists, Government has had to lay bare the s … [Read more...]

Boston Marathon Terror Attacks: Is it an Islamic terror attack?

Yesterday I was watching this program on Canada's Rawal TV from Toronto, where the gentleman Munir Sami, who is the guest on the program explains the depth, the breadth and the viciousness of the deep rooted ideology of violence and Jehad embedded in the Muslim community of Canada, specifically the Pakistanis.He cites his discussion with someone close to him, who clearly distinguishes between the Constitution of Canada and Islamic Sharia and how his allegiance is to the latter, despite having … [Read more...]

Pakistan didn’t like Kashmiris having any dialog with India to resolve conflict, so killed moderates: Wikileaks

Despite circumstantial evidence to suggest this, the Indian Government and the "peaceniks" have been going on as if somehow there will be a change in the basic architecture of Pakistan's inherent "software" and it will abandon its terrorist ways.  Truth is that Pakistan has been inextricably linked to the ways of terrorism.New Wikileaks cables now show that Pakistan was instrumental in killing the moderate Kashmiri Separatist Fazal-ul-Qureshi.  It used Hizbul Mujahideen to carry out the act f … [Read more...]

23rd March and Pakistan: How Pakistan’s founding fathers destroyed the future of sub-continent

Rawal TV in Canada has been hosting discussions - primarily - by Pakistanis, on topics which are important to the Pakistanis.  These discussions are substantive and informative.  The most important part of these discussions is that the people called have done remarkable amount of thinking and reading on these subjects and have a "point of view".  And, this point of view is not the run of the mill view that mostly emanates from Pakistan and elsewhere.This is a discussion on an important day for … [Read more...]

“Flying Pakistani flag in US and Canada should be illegal”: What is Pakistan and where is it headed?

In this discussion, which started from the article of Tarek Fatah on why flying the Pakistani flag in Canada (on a Govt building during a function) was illegal to the history and reasoning of why and how Pakistan was formed.  How the "Anglo-American Enterprise", as Tarek calls it, was instrumental in the formation of Pakistan.  And it had nothing to do with Islam.He is writing a book which will touch upon why all the terrorism emanating from Pakistan and happening in other countries can be d … [Read more...]