How Republicans (America’s “Poor man’s Pakistan Army”) can bring down American Democracy

Flexible and just systems and societies always have two types of social contract - Laws (that you have to abide by as per the letter) and Traditional Guidelines (that aren't set in letter but abided by in spirit).  Democracy is a system that needs both.  But more than the rigid written laws, it needs all the governing arms to understand and carry on the tradition of the spirit of the foundational social contract.Many a times, a democratic country gets corrupt and bad rulers.  Countries where … [Read more...]

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"We are this close to bombing Pakistan" – Washington Insiders in frustration

One of my bosses once said, "you should give people a long enough rope, so they can go and hang themselves".  When the rope is being given, it seems like a cruel joke on ones ownself.  But then the guy who is predisposed to stupidity eventually succeeds for you.  Pakistan is one such guy.India, not because it wanted to, but because it had a lot of inept rulers and few smart administrators, gave Pakistan a rather long rope.  When it was smug in having India "on the mat" - typical Punjabi bra … [Read more...]

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