Secrets of Happy Families: Wisdom from Empirical study runs counter to traditional wisdom

For his new book, The Secrets of Happy Families, Bruce Feiler used his experience as an investigative reporter to discover new techniques and ideas to make contemporary family life more functional, more meaningful and more fun. Rather than turning to traditional experts, he interviewed creative thinkers from the fields of business, sports, technology, television and the military and much of what he found countered age old-wisdom about what it takes to have a fulfilling family life. Guest host … [Read more...]

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Type of praise predicts children’s attitude to handle challenges

In an interesting study on Parenting, researchers say the way modern parents praise their kids at the slightest chance may be harming them overall.  It may be better to applaud their efforts and not them as individuals. Parents who want to encourage their little ones to take the right attitude to overcoming challenges should praise their efforts rather than than the children themselves, a new study reveals. The research was done in University of Chicago. Study leader Elizabeth Gunderson, now … [Read more...]

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Interesting and Funny “Interview” session before an Arranged Marriage (Video)

Every "interview" session is unique for all, but this is very typical - as in the discomfort, pauses, and uncomfortable questions - of the "dating" in an arranged marriage.  Interesting and funny!   Related articles from External SourcesForced marriage in our own backyard ARRANGED MARRIAGES: To be in one, or not to be? 'Arranged-with-love' marriages blend India traditions, modern culture Arranged Marriages Arranged Marriage and Shopping...Not so dissimilar after … [Read more...]

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Best Tribute to the Gangrape victim: Let us all become parents to the city and its women

Sometimes in the face of extreme adversity comes extreme courage.When I read about the girl in Delhi who was the victim of gangrape and what she is going through as well as her love of life and strength to fight back despite of what she has left with her of her life - psychologically, mentally, and physically - I have nothing much utmost admiration and love for her.As per the police, she was very forthcoming about giving her statement to the DCP Chhaya Sharma as well as to the Magistrate.  … [Read more...]

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