Femina, India’s Women Mag, makes Publishing history with first Fully Crowd-sourced issue

Publishing in India is undergoing a lot of change.  Of all the publications, Femina has made an interesting foray into "CrowdSourcing".  It's first Crowdsourced issues has hit the stands as we speak.  The content has been completely contributed by the readers themselves. Their credo was - If you have got a story, we have got the space.There was a time when Femina was at the forefront of Women's magazines... and then reading Femina became an anti-Feminist activity.  Now, by inviting the blo … [Read more...]

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Logic Framework to test the Question: Why do beautiful women marry unattractive men and good looking men marry beautiful women?

Some people have this idea that although Good-looking women marry not so good looking men, Good looking men do marry good looking women.  But is that true?  Here is an interesting mathematical argument. Read Quote of Gayle Laakmann McDowell's answer to Attractiveness and Attractive People: Why do good looking women often marry men who are way less attractive while good-looking men more-often marry good-looking women? on Quora … [Read more...]

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Gender Bias in Job postings turn women off from applying

A recent study by Gaucher, Friesen, & Kay published in American Psychological Association has suggested that gender-biased words used in advertising create significant issues for women psychologically when applying for jobs.  That, job descriptions that lack feminine-gender words actually repel female applicants!The hypothesis the team started with was that "to women, masculine-themed words alerts them to the possibility that they will not fit or do not belong".To test the team created … [Read more...]

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Indian Working Professionals are Horribly Vacation Deprived! (Infographic)

Conventional wisdom in India goes that Indians get a lot of vacations and holidays.  Well, it might be true that India has its official holidays on the higher side, but overall the working Indians - specially in the private sector - are horribly vacation deprived.  In fact, as per one survey, India is the 4th most vacation deprived nation in the world!  Indians do not take many vacations and even when they do, they might still end up checking their work emails or even cancel the trips more ea … [Read more...]

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Sunny Leone and “Ek tha Tiger” top People and Movies Google searches for India in 2012

What was the world searching for in 2012 on Google?Well, the results for India are the most fascinating.  What surprised me was that Sunny Leone (Porn Star-turned-Bollywood actress) was the top search in "People" category, followed by yester-year Superstar who died in this year - Rajesh Khanna.  For the year it seems that Salman Khan and Akshay Kumaar movies remained the most searched.  (Source - Google Zeitgeist) For US the trends were as below.  Whitney Houston topped all sea … [Read more...]

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Capitalism and limits to growth and well being: Is it a Self Destroying mechanism?

Two new books have come which discuss the culture of growth and consumption in the western world and the limits to Capitalism. Here is a discusion on Economist Podcast about the two books and some of the interesting points being made:Blind Growth puts Good life itself in peril We are richer than before, but we are also more productive - and these two work against each other at individual level. Keynes was right when he said that in 100 years, all the problems of poverty in West will be … [Read more...]

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