92% Indian know their Government has messed the Economy

Whatever the ministers may keep saying about the economy and washing their hands off of the mess that the Indian economy has become now, but the common man in India knows the truth!Pew Research has some interesting survey results from India.Almost all - a staggering 92% - the Indians today feel that their economic problems are because of their Government.  A small number - 17% - also believe that banks and financial institutions are to blame.Some more interesting results:Percentage of pe … [Read more...]

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Indian Americans trump all other ethnic groups in US when it comes to Family Values and Ties

Indian Americans have a rather strong family orientation.  From strong family ties to education to marriage, the Indians score the highest percentages in all the right measures nation-wide in US, as per Pew Research.While Republicans cry hoarse about "Family Values" and how it is based on a certain religious orientation, the fact remains that in all the main family related KPIs, the American public scores substantially lower percentages compared to the Indian Americans.Indian Americans seem … [Read more...]

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Pakistanis think India is greater threat than Taliban despite the bombings by latter

Pakistanis are remarkably neurotic people.  It is no secret that it is a heaven for conspiracy theorists.  That's their staple.  What this thing has done is to make them orchestrate their own ruin. If you look at the chart here you will see that while the people who believe that Taliban is a greater threat have decreased in the last few years (strangely, as the attacks by Taliban have increased!); while those viewing India as a threat have correspondingly increased. Go fi … [Read more...]

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How Indians think?

How do Indians think? As vast and as diverse our nation is, it is nevertheless interesting to get a feel of its pulse. I am not sure if the surveys can go an honest and a good job, but the findings do present an interesting picture. Let's look at some of the findings. The new survey by Pew Research Centre says:As many as 92 per cent Indians believe that the military has a good influence on the nation. The defence forces garnered the highest level of support in a surveyThe view of the … [Read more...]

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