One Bullied kid shapes his pain into an incredibly beautiful movie (Must Watch!)

Shane Koyczan was a kid bullied.  He went through incredible pain and rejection.  He saw first hand, how other kids - mean and ignorant - could harm the psyche of another in a very damning way.  He saw similar experiences of other kids.... And he learnt the "Truth".Watch this absolutely incredible movie made by Shane, who poured his heart out later.. much later in his life. … [Read more...]

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Faiz's Aaj Baazaar Mein – Translated and Explained

By Toronto based Poet, Anis ZuberiCourtesy, Junaid ZuberiAnother translation of Faiz rendered by a Toronto based poet – Anis Zuberi. This is a timeless poem or nazm, aaj bazaar main pa ba jolan chalo has been translated and explained below.Aaj bazaar main pa ba jolan chaloaaj bazaar main pa bajolan chalo let us walk in bazaar in shacklesChashm-e-nam, jaan-e-shoreeda kafi nahin wet eyes and restless soul is not enoughTohmat-e-ishq-posheeda kafi nahin being charged for nurturing c … [Read more...]

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