The Most Transformational Moment: When an abused lady Prostitute walked out on the Promise of Love

You sometimes come across a personal account that is painful, poignant, humane, as well as full of power.  This answer from Quora on the question "What was the most transformational moment of your life?" by a lady who lives in UK named Sarah Ouellette.  ==========  =========  ========== When I was 8-10 I was raped repeatedly by my neighbor. I also grew up with my father making appearances in and out of my life periodically and so I had a lot of problems - specifically with sex, trust and dep … [Read more...]

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More young male prostitutes than female prostitutes in Sweden

In a survey in Sweden by Swedish National Board for Youth Affairs, a strange fact came to light recently.  2.1 percent of Swedish males aged 16 to 25 admitted that they had offered their services in prostitutio, while only 0.8% of the girls admitted so.The authorities are scratching their heads at the strange phenomenon where more men in a society are involved in prostitution than women.They are trying to come out with explanations but these are more conjectures for now. A representative for … [Read more...]

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Mobiles are jeopardizing AIDS fight in India by decentralizing prostitution

Indian strategists who were fighting AIDS had thought that they had found the way to stop the disease.  By focusing on the high risk population. An example of the strategies that had been working can be found in Delhi’s red-light district on Garstin Bastion Road near the old Delhi railway station, where brothels have thrived since the 16th century. A walk through dark alleys, past blind beggars and up narrow, steep and deeply worn stone staircases brings customers into brightly lighted rooms te … [Read more...]

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