Beautiful Lohri Song in Punjabi

A beautiful Lohri song by Harbhajan Singh and Jaspinder Narula.  … [Read more...]

Punjab Govt bringing law to counter NRI Grooms who desert their Wives in India

In Punjab, the NRI grooms are notorious for deserting wives in India.  The people in Punjab are also obsessed about marrying NRIs and going abroad and for that they do whatever it takes to find and hook onto such a groom.  Many times it doesn't work out.  Not only is the girl deserted, but the in-laws have extracted a heck of a lot of money as well from the bride's family by then.  This needs to be stopped.  And now, after so many years the Punjab Government is proposing some measures. 15,000 wom … [Read more...]

Don't Mess with Punjab: Akali Dal message to Rahul Gandhi!

In India, you don't mess with Punjabis, specially with Punjab!Rahul Gandhi, the bird-brained Congress prince, visited Punjab where he was feted by all and sundry.  And, what did he have to say for it?  That, as per his estimates 7 out of 10 youth in Punjab are drug addicts.Yes, drug addiction is a big problem in Punjab, but 70% youth??  He must have spent his time at a "Joint club" of some sorts to come up with that kind of asinine remark.This hasn't gone down well with Saade Pu … [Read more...]