What is Rashtra Dharma or Duty to Nation: Chanakya-speak

What is Rashtra Dharma (or Duty to your Nation)?  Is it sucking up to the dynasties?  Or is it Unity, integrity, security and prosperity of your mother-land?Chanakya deals with these questions very effectively in this one interaction.  Whatever he says is still relevant... just replace Nand-vansh with Gandhi dynasty.  Same thing.  And honestly, this is the issue I have with Dr. Manmohan Singh.  Nothing has put him down in my eyes more than how he has collaborated with the plunderers and loote … [Read more...]

Rajiv Gandhi played a middleman for Saab-Scania aircraft deal in 1970s

By all counts, Rajiv Gandhi was one of the most horrendous choice for India's Prime Minister.  He oversaw by far one of the most terrible massacres, and started the mess in Sri Lanka.  Was responsible for Bofors scandal, and unleashed the sorry phenomenon of his incompetent and thoroughly corrupt wife and kids.  A legacy that he perfected.  Here is the Wikileaks on how he played middleman in Saab-Scania aircraft deal. Late PM Rajiv Gandhi may have worked as a middleman for Swedish company Saab-S … [Read more...]

Finally, Digvijaya Singh speaks the truth

The whole country knows.  The world knows.  But somehow the Congress Party has been pretending to not know it.  But now the Joker of the Pack - Digvijaya Singh - also exclaimed in that Freudian slip, something equivalent to "The King has no clothes".He said in a statement that Congress is now trying its best to distance itself from: "Personally, I feel that this model hasn't worked very well. Because, I personally feel that there should not be two power centres and I think whoever is the Prime … [Read more...]

Rahul Gandhi Jokes: The joker does make for a good laugh if not much of a politician

Here are some of the best: To start off - it is important to know where does a politician think about "Politics". Where and what is this "Politics". Apparently, it is not where you think it is!Have fun! Read Quote of Dhananjay Gowda's answer to Rahul Gandhi: What is the best Rahul Gandhi Joke you have heard of late? on Quora   Read Quote of Anon User's answer to Rahul Gandhi: What is the best Rahul Gandhi Joke you have heard of late? on QuoraRead Quote of Bhavya Bhandari's answer to Rahul … [Read more...]

Shameless Bias of Media: Rahul’s Melodramatic & Scripted Speech vs Modi’s Visionary yet Grounded Call to Youth

To know the bias and the shallowness of the mainstream media, this is a good comparison.  Rahul Gandhi is a nincompoop with a silver spoon and his speech that day - where he brought up the "Power is Poison" statement - was scripted and made up.  It was easy to know.On the other hand, Modi spoke from his own experience and work he has done.Who is a leader and who is not is pretty obvious when you see their track record.For these ivory tower journos - Sagarika's tweet is pretty telling.  She … [Read more...]

Reactions on Rajdeep Sardesai’s program on Modi’s speech at SRCC: shallow, rhetorical and lacking in substance

This is the program on Modi's speech at SRCC.  It includes views of many youth, Aakar Patel (a Journalist), a Muslim professor from Jamia Milia, and Tania - a girl who rattled Mamata Bannerjee with a question.Let us look at some of the material discussed:Modi was planted by RSS as the Chief Minister in Gujarat, even though he didn't have any experience and so his elevation is no different from Rahul Gandhi's. (Aakar Patel): First, this journo talks with a certain amount of disdain (and he … [Read more...]

Rahul Gandhi, Can your family stop Sacrificing for India please? Really!

Next time we see someone dying of hunger, we need to make sure we have a few kilos of emotions along with us, so we can give to him.  Anytime a woman faces any rapist, she should shove some emotions at them.  They can be laced with slogans for better impact.  The farmers should quit committing suicide, they should repay their debts in emotions and slogans.For, in this decidedly cruel country of ours, our conscience - that weeps at the poverty and gets angry at the lack of even basic ad … [Read more...]

Modi wins: First time anyone has won repeatedly in a democracy despite an openly and viciously Hostile mainstream media!

Narendra Modi has finally won the Gujarat elections for the third consecutive time.  As of last reports, BJP is likely to win 116 seats and Congress 60.  Modi won his own election in Maninagar by close to 87000 votes against Congress' Shweat Bhatt.Why is this victory significant?Anti-Modi Media: Mainstream media in India - at national level and their subsidiaries at the local level - have been specifically vicious against Modi since 2002 and during that time as well.  Those weren't the first … [Read more...]