Vijay Dashami: Ram’s war was NOT against Ravan, but FOR Sita

When Ram had defeated Ravan, the Demon king; Ram walked over and bowed to him as a person of immense knowledge.  Albeit gone awry.If we are looking for Good vs Evil characterization of a fight, then it makes no sense for the "Good" to bow down to the "Evil".  But in popular parlance, that is how Vijay Dashami or Dusshera is characterized.  We are told its a fight between "Good" vs "Evil".. and the moral of the story is that "Good always wins".Ram's behavior at the end of the war says som … [Read more...]

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Constant Nature Grace and our Inability to Receive it

Have you heard people pray to God or their Guru/Spiritual Master for Grace or benevolence?Why do they do it?Is it because someone else does it, so I should also do it?  Or have they paused to think as to what they are doing?The basic premise in such a prayer ("Hum par Mehr karo, XXXX") is that the Grace happens in spurts and ONLY when you remind the Master or the God of it.  The forgetful elevated beings have a habit of going on and off this "Grace rocker".  So you better tell him that you … [Read more...]

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Raavana Is In My Soul

I wrote this some time back :Its Dussehra or call it Vijaya Dashmi. The same story is going to repeat itself once again this year too. I had been reading it since my school days - Burai par Achchai ki jeet ka tyohaar - victory of goodness over evil.The jubilant crowds gathering at local parks to watch the three brothers go up in flames, the same burning of effigies and lots of fireworks. The fatal arrow aimed towards Ravana will burst him to pieces, yet another time.This time, I am sad. I … [Read more...]

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