Woman Gangraped, Killed and Hung from a Tree in Bihar

I know a lot has been written about rape and rape cases.  Jyoti's rape itself was a demonstration of mind-numbing inhuman traits... Worse than animals.  Now, this another one - close on heels of so many others, is equally baffling.  Do we not have human beings living in India anymore? In a shocking incident, a woman who got down from a Delhi-bound train in Bhagalpur district, was gangraped, killed and her semi-naked body hung from a tree in a mango orchard in Kahalgaon.The woman, along with he … [Read more...]

Yet another Bus Gang rape – in Punjab – and victim dumped

It is as if the collective male consciousness has just become mind-numbingly criminal in India.  Close on the heels of the death of Jyoti Singh Pandey, the Delhi Gang rape victim, come another gang rape, which can bring the images of Delhi's nightmare back. The victim had boarded the service to her in-laws' home in the northern state of Punjab when she was abducted Friday and driven to a district bordering the Sikh holy city of Amritsar, local police officer Raj Jeet Singh said.Five men joined … [Read more...]

Salman Khurshid discusses Pakistan imbroglio with French TV

Salman Khurshid discusses the current issue with Pakistan. Whatever he is saying, obviously means nothing. Because he is neither here nor there. We don't have a strong policy of what will be done when Pakistan does something. And, Pakistan knows that. Our talk means absolutely nothing.When she asks "What can you do if things get worse?"And Khurshid says - we can stop playing cricket. Hmmm.. now that really really hurts Pakistan.. ain't it? Specially people like Hafeez Saeed.Image Credit: … [Read more...]

Curse of the “Bapus”: Why target Asaram? Was Gandhi’s prescription to Jews any different?

Asaram Bapu has made some comments which have sparked a lot of protests.  What he said basically was that when the Rapists were trying to rape the girl, she should have called them "brother" and begged them to leave her.This is coming obviously from a person who (i) has never known a woman's pain at being overpowered and brutalized and (ii) has never been raped.But what has surprised me is that why has the society suddenly woken up to the menace of idiocy masquerading as "Non Violence" and … [Read more...]

Schoolgirls raped in Boarding School; Administration and Politicians make such rapes lucrative and possible

Minor girls studying in boarding school - aged between 8 and 12 - were being raped in a Chhatisgarh school and it was being covered up by prominent people in that area. Police said they have detained two men who worked at a state-run boarding school in a remote part of India for allegedly raping 11 girls. Four other people, including village officials, also were detained for allegedly covering up the incident.Police detained Mannuram Goti, the teacher, and the watchman, Deenaram, who goes by … [Read more...]

Indian Politicians have their own Rape Problems

Indian politicians are most ill-equipped to solve India's Rape problem or even the crime issues.  As a report by the Association for Democratic Reforms (an affiliate of the Indian Institute of Management) lists - there are numerous of them in the dock for their own criminal activities.  How do you expect this lot to do anything against their "own"? According to the report, in the past five years:6 MLAs had charges of rape against them at the time of their election 36 MLAs have charges of c … [Read more...]

Rape Map of India: Insightful, Indicative and Useful

The following "Rape Map of India" is very interesting.  In 2011, a total of 24,206 rape cases were registered in India, as per the National Crime Records Bureau.  The map gives the distribution of the cases.  Obviously, reporting of rape cases in India is not the same as reporting of a rape case in, say Sweden.  Many go unreported in India.  So, while this gives an indication of regional occurrence, it shouldn't be taken as truth for overall numbers.As can be seen the top 6 states for the crim … [Read more...]

Rapelay: Japanese Anime “Rape Game” and our sick society

RapeLay is a "Rape Video Game", where the protagonist has the option and the opportunity to rape 3 women - Mother and three daughters.   When a society is full of such "training methods" to create Rapists, where can one hope to start to forge any normalcy?Although this video game is banned in several countries, it was until recently purchasable on Amazon.com.  This Japanese Anime game has taken the games involving Rape to a new level of brutality and mindlessness.One surely cannot say that Ra … [Read more...]