Western Spiritual Seekers vs Western Rationalist Mind: Curse of Materialism and death-knell for an important dimension

Came across a very interesting article titled "Death on the Path of Enlightenment: Inside the Rise of India Syndrome". It talks of the Westerners who are drawn by the Spiritual aspect of India and get "afflicted" by a condition which some Western psychiatrists are calling "India Syndrome". Basically, India Syndrome is a condition where a person gets besotted by India and after travelling to India comes back a delusional person going into bouts of hallucinations and weird imagination.The author … [Read more...]

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The Odd One Out – A liberal’s life in an orthodox society!

By Guest Blogger, MeeraImagine a girl who heads to the pooja room every day right after bath to pray; one who wouldn’t dare to go to her orthodox cousin’s place wearing a sleeveless top or without bangles; one who would follow all customs and traditions (aachara as they call it here) to the last point even though that meant extreme discomfort to her; one who would not daresay comment anything when people bash Indians who settle abroad; one who would always nod to comments like ‘Indian culture i … [Read more...]

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