Judgments are mostly visual, no thought is even involved

When they say "Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder", apparently they were dot on!  Judgments - causal ones - are indeed made only in the eyes.  Judgment, say about beauty, wouldn't even involve the mind!So, do we even think while making a judgment about someone?  This is not a rhetorical or even a philosophical question.  Medically, researchers are finding out that at the primary level of judgment no thought is employed.  Judgments are only at the level of visual cues.  Just looks.  That is wh … [Read more...]

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India’s permissible Radiation Limits from Cell Phone Towers is 900 times the global safety limits; causes headaches, behavioral problems

This is unacceptable. Just because people are not aware and ignorance is being misused - criminally, I would say - to hurt a population without its knowledge!  In the coming years, the health impact of this on an entire population could be nothing short of devastating. India’s permissible limit for radiation levels from mobile phone towers is 900 times higher than the safe limit of 0.5 milliwatts per square metre, suggests a global report on health risks from exposure to wireless technology ra … [Read more...]

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