Krishna’s game of Chess and Lesson of Charity to the King

Ambalapuzha Shree Krishna Temple – a simple temple structure dates back to the 15th century barely 10 km from AlleppeyLegend has it that there was a king who loved the game of chess. One day, a sage challenged him to a game on the condition that if the king lost he would have to pay in rice.This was no simple wager, the rice had to be given like this: 1 grain for the first square, 2 for the next, 4 for the third and so on. The king didn't think much of this price and played - and lost. N … [Read more...]

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Krishna and Sudama: Sudama’s gift was greater

Questioner : You say that persons like krishna don’t make friends nor do they make foes. Then how is it that he as a king comes running down to the gate of his palace to receive sudama, his poor old friend of childhood days and gives him all the wealth of the world in return for a handful of rice that his poor friend has brought as his present to him? Please shed some light on this special friendship between Krishna and Sudama.Osho : It is not a special kind of friendship, it is just a f … [Read more...]

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Hunger is man-made in India: If India used Rice Growing techniques China and Indonesia use, it could feed 400 mn more!

China (197 million tonnes), India (131 Mt), and Indonesia (64 Mt) are the three largest Rice producers in the world.  China had the highest productivity for rice farming and can produce 6.59 tonnes per hectare.Rice is the mainstay for India's agriculture.  But despite the "Green Revolution" and so many "schemes" by the Government Indian farmers have a productivity that is FAR below that of China and even Indonesia.  India's rice productivity is 40% of China and 60% of Indonesia!  If India cou … [Read more...]

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