Hinduism growing in Africa without Proselytizing

Interestingly, Hinduism is the fastest growing religion in Ghana.  And no one is involved in the business of converting anyone.  Kwesi Anamoah, national president of the African Hindu Temple, discusses the spread of Hinduism within Ghana. "Today, there are 2,000 to 3,000 families worshipping all over the country which is a big increase from the 24 people who participated in the first-ever training camp in 1976 to become disciples.  We have not achieved this through the winning of souls as other … [Read more...]

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Delhi Rape Victim’s friend remembers his friend and their unique, sweet relationship

Relationship between Delhi Braveheart and her friend, who was also badly injured that night, was a very sweet one.This is how they met: The two first made contact in December 2010. It wasn't exactly a success. A mutual friend had suggested that the young man might help her with her studies, and gave her his number."Hi, how are you?" she texted him. "What's going on?"He thought it was the mutual friend, playing a prank."I know who you are, man," he replied. "Is this your new number?""I … [Read more...]

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