CNBC’s Joe Kernen engages in Racial slurs on Squawk Box

Recently - on Sept 20th - Reserve Bank of India (India's Central Bank) raised the interest rates to combat rampant inflation in India.  That came up during the discussion on Currencies on CNBC's Squawk Box.  Co-hosts Joe Kernen, Becky Quick, and Andrew Ross Sorkin started discussing, where Becky even said she had some Rupees in her purse from her last visit to India.  And, then Joe Kernen gets on with his mimicry act on Indians and jokes about the 7 Eleven's.Becky does try to shut his racial … [Read more...]

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Rising Inflation in India is a worry

Inflation in India is on a rise. Substantially! In September it rose by 8.62%, while in August, it was up by 8.51 and in July it was 10.31!For the 5 months until July the inflation in India was over 10%. In fact the drop below 10% is actually a slowing down of Inflation. The prices of primary articles - food, non-food articles and minerals - have gone up 17.45%, and the fuel and power prices have gone up 11.06%. The manufactured goods are up by 4.59%.The RBI is under pressure to tighten … [Read more...]

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