Russian Satellite rendered useless after Chinese Space Debris hit it; Who will clean the Space Debris?

With so much satellite debris out there in the space, it is becoming a nuisance and this threat will keep growing!  Now, the Chinese satellite debris has made Russian satellite unusable after its debris collided with the Russian satellite. A piece of space debris left over from a 2007 Chinese missile test collided with a Russian satellite earlier this year, rendering the satellite unusable, a researcher said Saturday.The collision appears to have happened January 22. That's when it's thought a … [Read more...]

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2 million Russians take a dip in icey cold waters celebrating “Feast of Epiphany” – Russian “Kumbh”?

As India is celebrating the Maha Kumbh, it seems Russians also have something similar - which now has become more of a "Health Benefit" event - thanks to the Ice Water Swimming group people.  But there is a religious reason also.  One difference between Russian practice and MahaKumbh is that Russians don't do to "a place".. they just take a dip wherever they live.More than two million people in Russia celebrated the Feast of Epiphany, taking part in traditional bathing by immersing themselves i … [Read more...]

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