Salman Khurshid, we know Italian is running the Indian Govt, but is Italy DIRECTING our executive now??

When BJP has put pressure on the Government, Salman Khurshid - the schizophrenic moron has this to say, and its at once the most bizarre as well as bewildering argument. "There is no such thing. It's pro-active. There is such a thing as lawful. Whatever has to be done by law has to be done. I don't think that we should do anything that is done to please the opposition or because somebody puts pressure on us. What is lawfully required and lawfully justified is what will be done, what has been … [Read more...]

By the way, why was Salman Khurshid the Defense Lawyer – and sympathizer – for SIMI, now Indian Mujahideen?

This was Union External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid's remark on "Saffron Terror" and the BJP. External affairs minister Salman Khurshid today backed home minister Sushilkumar Shinde's statement on "Hindu terrorism" saying it was based "entirely on facts" made available by investigative agencies. He, however, said that terror has no religion and colour. "Let me just say this to you very clearly that our stated position, that is shared fully by the home minister and past home minister, is b … [Read more...]

Quick Strike, Denial backed by alert Nukes maybe best to deal with Pakistani nonsense

In yet another incident, where the Political class and the Military are on two different pages, the Air Chief Marshal NAK Browne says that India will have to "look at options" to deal with the incidences that are occurring with Pakistan, while Salman Khurshid, India's Foreign Minister wants nothing more than "stop Cricket matches".It seems that the politicians just don't get it.  It is as if they don't know what to do!  Whether of BJP or the Congress or whatever party.  Everytime something hap … [Read more...]

Salman Khurshid discusses Pakistan imbroglio with French TV

Salman Khurshid discusses the current issue with Pakistan. Whatever he is saying, obviously means nothing. Because he is neither here nor there. We don't have a strong policy of what will be done when Pakistan does something. And, Pakistan knows that. Our talk means absolutely nothing.When she asks "What can you do if things get worse?"And Khurshid says - we can stop playing cricket. Hmmm.. now that really really hurts Pakistan.. ain't it? Specially people like Hafeez Saeed.Image Credit: … [Read more...]

India signing deal with Areva to set up Nuclear Reactor near Mumbai despite issues

India is working with a French company to set up a Nuclear Power reactor.  India is close to an agreement with the French company Areva on a contract for Areva to build a nuclear power station on the west coast of India. The project is for two European pressurized reactors (EPR) at Jaitapur 400 kilometres (250 miles) south of Mumbai.The Indian Foreign Minister Salman Khurshid said this in an interview with Le Figaro newspaper.Although the minister - or the Indian Government - is saying that a … [Read more...]

Modi wins: First time anyone has won repeatedly in a democracy despite an openly and viciously Hostile mainstream media!

Narendra Modi has finally won the Gujarat elections for the third consecutive time.  As of last reports, BJP is likely to win 116 seats and Congress 60.  Modi won his own election in Maninagar by close to 87000 votes against Congress' Shweat Bhatt.Why is this victory significant?Anti-Modi Media: Mainstream media in India - at national level and their subsidiaries at the local level - have been specifically vicious against Modi since 2002 and during that time as well.  Those weren't the first … [Read more...]

Karan Thapar is a Devil's Advocate. Gives clean chit to Salman Khurshid

In a world, where divorces are going through the roof because the two people living together for years, often decades - don't even know or trust each other enough, here is India's self-proclaimed task master of politicians on TV giving a clean chit to Salman Khurshid DESPITE hard evidence.  Pardon, Karan Thapar, if his melodramatic pink slip shows from us his hard black suit: Ultimately, all analysis and evidence apart, I have three deeper reasons for believing Salman. First, I've known him … [Read more...]

Absolutely Hilarious (and shameful) quotes from Indian Politicians

Indian politicians, however educated or illiterate, can beat anyone to some pretty nutty humor.  Here are the choicest of quotes by Indian politicians in the past few years which will go down in ignominy and humor both!  All are amazing, but the last one from Rahul Gandhi takes the cake.  This dude is one BIG dud!!  Doh!! Terrorists have advantage of surprise -Manmohan Singh after Mumbai terrorist attacksWhen you can buy ice cream for Rs 20, why complain about price rise? No loss to go … [Read more...]