Three Men Deported from Saudi Arabia for being “Too Handsome”; many women could fall for them!

Some people are born great.  Some achieve greatness.  Some have greatness THRUST upon them.Three guys stumbled into a Cultural festival in Saudi Arabia from Unites Arab Emirates.  They created morbid fear in the minds of the Saudi Religious Police.  Were they terrorists?  Gamblers?  Kafirs - or Non-Muslims?  No!  They were - by Saaudi religious police's evaluation - Exceptionally Handsome.  In fact, so handsome, that the Saudis feared that women will start falling for them!  And, Saudis being t … [Read more...]

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Saudi Arabia to Abolish Beheading; will hire “Firing Squads” to shoot people to death instead

Saudi Arabia is modernizing.  Actually, it has been forced to, because there is a huge shortage of the required skill set.  Beheading.  You see, they don't have enough swordsmen in their kingdom.  Or those that are there arrive late to the venues, which gives more life to the person to be beheaded than would be warranted.So, keeping with the times, they are abolishing the Beheadings totally.Now, they would instead have Firing Squads and shoot the people to death instead.  A joint Saudi comm … [Read more...]

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Saudi Preacher Rapes, breaks skull, back and burns 5 yr old daughter goes free after fine by Islamic Court

What an animal!  How can someone do to his own daughter??  And what does the court do to him?  Leave him after a fine.  Which, btw, was half of what it would have been had it been a boy! A Saudi preacher who tortured his five-year-old daughter to death has been released after agreeing to pay 'blood money', activists said.Lama al-Ghamdi died in October having suffered multiple injuries including a crushed skull, broken ribs and left arm, extensive bruising and burns.  The child had also been re … [Read more...]

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Prasoon Joshi’s rant on Krishna: When artists abuse artistic freedom by judging others’ art with their prejudices

Krishna is said to have played Raas and danced with the Gopis - or cow-herd girls - in Vrindavan.  Radha was also amongst them.  His magic is said to have been such that even older women couldn't resist his attraction.  This story and ethos has proliferated a lot of poems, writings and paintings... even dances and sequences in the movies.These depictions were left to the mindset of the artists.  Given how Hinduism is in terms of free interpretation, if one approached Krishna or any other being … [Read more...]

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Saudi Govt demolishing 3 historic mosques in Medina

Three historical and religiously important mosques - dedicated to Abu Bakr, Umar and to the place where Mohammad offered his first prayers for Eid - Masjid Ghamama - are being bull-dozed.Do you see any burning of flags?  How about killing of the Ambassadors of the country doing it?  At least a few riots would surely be appropriate?I mean three of the most historic mosques will be razed to the ground, and gone .. poof!  Yet the Muslim world is quiet and happy.  Because its the Saudi Arabia Gov … [Read more...]

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Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Iran: Nuclear Proliferation and Diplomacy of “Quid Pro Quo”.

It has been argued by many analysts and journalists that Pakistan did supply nuclear warheads to Saudi Arabia.  Of course, Pakistan did give the Nuclear Reactor - albeit an old one - to Iran.  An interesting article by Pervez Hoodbhoy.  He is a Nuclear Scientist and has a Doctorate in Nuclear Science from MIT.  He writes about the relationship between Pakistan and Iran, and Pakistan and Saudis, and the entire Nuclear dynamics. On the other hand, Saudi Arabia’s footprint in Pakistan has grown stea … [Read more...]

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