New Sexual Assault Law: Without Consent, Sex is Rape

The new Sexual Assault law is being criticized in a lot of areas, but some of its provisions may bring cheer for women.  It puts the decision for sex being consensual on the victim squarely.  If the victim  says it was not consensual, it wasn't. On consent for sex, the woman's word will be the last one. Once the prosecution is able to prove that there was sexual intercourse in a wide-range of cases, the new sexual assault law requires the court to presume that the victim did not consent as cl … [Read more...]

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62 yr old lady accuses courier guy of rape after being caught having sex with him in Mumbai

Rape is a serious crime and it shouldn't be belittled by some just for their own purpose.  These stray and nonsensical acts can then be used by apologists to go slow on the creating tough laws for Rape Accused. A 62-year-old retired schoolteacher from Powai, who claimed that she had been raped by a courier firm staffer, has admitted to having "consensual sex" with him. The development assumes significance as immediately after the incident was reported, there was uproar over the security of the se … [Read more...]

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