Mahashivaratri: The Night when Yoga happened to the First Yogi


8.7% of US adults - or 20.4 million - practice yoga.  Another 44.4% of the US adults are "Aspirational Yogis" - those interested in trying yoga.  Unfortunately, Yoga for almost all has remained an exercise, when it could have been a tool for complete transformation of a being.  Today, Americans are spending $10.8 billion on Yoga learning and products (source).  A large market of health and fitness from an ancient tradition that was created towards a very important end.It would be instructive … [Read more...]

Hinduism and Quantum Physics: Experiential vs Mathematical view of the Conscious Reality

The official photograph from the 1927 Solvay Conference in Belgium. The greatest collection of brilliant minds ever assembled up to then, and up to present. (Courtesy Flickr/Ted Buracas

When I listen to the debate in the West on Evolution vs Creationism, I am often amused.  Both the ways, heated camps in their own right are either incorrect or incomplete.  For, such a debate is not even possible - nor warranted - in the Eastern Spiritual circles - fashioned as they are by the Dharmic (or Hindu) Spiritual viewpoint.It is true that material world has improved and progressed over the millenia to a point where human beings have reached the peak of existence as it is today.  No m … [Read more...]

Naga Sadhus aren’t meant to be just Naked and “High on Pot” Ascetics; Real Ones Embody the Grace of Shiva beneath the Veneer of societal disdain

Who are Naga Sadhus?To understand the Naga Sadhus, it is important to know who Shiva is.  Because these ascetics - those who are really on Spiritual path and seriously with a Guru who knows what he doing, as opposed to just a naked Sadhu taking intoxicants - are on the path as closely aligned to the life of Shiva, the original Yogi, as it can possibly get!For the Yogis, Shiva is not a "God".  He is the origin of all Spirituality.  When he walked the earth, he did so with complete disdain for … [Read more...]

Greater Jwala Hindu Temple near Baku, Azherbaijan has Sanskrit and Punjabi inscriptions

The influence of Hinduism beyond the normal borders of India has been well known.  Here is an inscription from the "Fire Temple"in the Surakhani town of Azherbaijan.  It is in the suburb of the capital Baku.  The inscription here clearly starts with श्री गणेसाय नम:Atesh in Persian means Fire, and Gah means bed.  This area was over a natural gas - which has since been exhausted, and since natural fires would start over the natural gas crevices, it had a connection to fire.  Interestingly, one fi … [Read more...]

Income Tax Appellate decides “Hinduism is neither a Religion, nor a Community”!

It seems the Government Agencies in India seem to go in to some kind of philosophical high road when it comes to Hinduism - if it suits them, and then takes a whole turn around when it doesn't.We hear all about the devilish "Hindutva", a fanatic belief system, and how Hindus those who support a certain cause is no good.  Also, it is very popular to paint Hinduism black with caste systems etc.  But ask for a legal stand, and what you get is something totally different.Here a temple o … [Read more...]

Who is Shiva really?

Who is Shiva?  Many consider him God.  Yogis say he was the Adi Yogi - the first Yogi.  He was also the first Guru, the Adi Guru.  What is his contribution to Spirituality on this planet?  This video captures it very well! … [Read more...]

Pictures from 2012 Kanwarias Annual Journey

Kanwarias are devotees of Lord Shiva who walk hundreds of kilometers in North India carrying water from different rivers.  The annual journey known as Kanvad Yatra  ( काँवर यात्रा or कांवड़ यात्रा) is taken from as far as Bihar to Ganges in Haridwar, Gaumukh, Gangotri and these are offered in their local temples.  This journey of Kanvads has gained popularity in recent years amongst the youth in the various states of North India.  Devotees from  Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, Punjab,   … [Read more...]