Vijay Dashami: Ram’s war was NOT against Ravan, but FOR Sita

When Ram had defeated Ravan, the Demon king; Ram walked over and bowed to him as a person of immense knowledge.  Albeit gone awry.If we are looking for Good vs Evil characterization of a fight, then it makes no sense for the "Good" to bow down to the "Evil".  But in popular parlance, that is how Vijay Dashami or Dusshera is characterized.  We are told its a fight between "Good" vs "Evil".. and the moral of the story is that "Good always wins".Ram's behavior at the end of the war says som … [Read more...]

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Sita Abandonment: No matter which way one looks, Ram was NEVER a bad husband

In today's world, it is unimaginable for anyone to value anything that is not one's own - relative or asset - more than that which is consider "own".  So, when a King gave someone a wish to ask anything of him and if that person asked for the King's flesh, or to banish his first born, he wouldn't think twice.  Yes, it wasn't fair on his son, who had absolutely nothing to do with the whole incident of his Father's granting of the wish, but he too, as per the societal norms simply leave everything … [Read more...]

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Why I walked out of an Excellent Ramlila show last weekend

Last weekend, I went to see this Ramlila being enacted by the local group.  They are all busy professionals in their daily lives and had - with love and sincerity - given so much of their lives in the last 10 months or so to stage the show.  It was beautiful although there were some hiccups and directorial inefficiencies.  But what they were attempting, given what they had with them in terms of time and resources - their effort was superhuman-like.Yet, I couldn't hold my attention for more th … [Read more...]

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