Femina, India’s Women Mag, makes Publishing history with first Fully Crowd-sourced issue

Publishing in India is undergoing a lot of change.  Of all the publications, Femina has made an interesting foray into "CrowdSourcing".  It's first Crowdsourced issues has hit the stands as we speak.  The content has been completely contributed by the readers themselves. Their credo was - If you have got a story, we have got the space. There was a time when Femina was at the forefront of Women's magazines... and then reading Femina became an anti-Feminist activity.  Now, by inviting the … [Read more...]

Rise of Social Media Use in India

India's internet use is undergoing a change as the Smartphone revolution takes over.  Every urban youth is using a smartphone today and with it is coming the access to the social media.  This infographic discusses the various aspects of the use of Social media in India. … [Read more...]

What is the pain of losing a child?

It is said that of all the experiences in life, the loss of a child is the worst pain that can be inflicted on anyone. There is a very interesting story of a Realized man.  He got married to a wonder lady and was extremely happy with life.  He was enjoying his life with his wife tremendously, and they had a son.  Seeing such a lovely kid, he was totally besotted by him.  He would play with him day and night and love him beyond anything.  When the son was 5 he died in a sudden accident.  … [Read more...]

Pope wants Faithful to “convert” to Twitter

While trying to enter Asia to spread the "Christian Good News", a euphemism for converting the local populations - while decimating the local cultures and myriad of belief systems and rituals as new "Walmartization" of culture happens - Pope now wants to enter a new territory.   Social Media. He has a new directive for the believers.  Throng to the Social Media like Twitter. He himself has opened an account, and despite just 26 tweets, has amassed over a million followers. “Believers are … [Read more...]

How to get your Start-up featured on Top Tech Blogs like Techcrunch and Mashable

Many blog owners would die to be featured on sites like top blogs such as Techcrunch, Mashable etc.  Here is some great insights from an expert! Read Quote of Robert Scoble's answer to Social Media: What are some tips for getting your startup featured on TechCrunch, Mashable, and other tech blogs? on Quora     Related articles from External Sites Twitter's New Search Features, And Other Marketing Stories of the Week 11 Must-Subscribe Marketing News Blogs and Websites Q&A: … [Read more...]

Does Social Media Encourage Violent Teen Behavior?

Just as India is reeling in the aftermath of the mindless Gangrape of the Delhi Braveheart; US is too going through a similar heart-burn and contemplation of its own societal situation after the Steubenville gang rape incident.  This is some of the information on the rape case. (Also read Lessons of Steubenville) First brought to national attention by a New York Times story in December, the alleged rape involves a girl from a neighboring town in West Virginia who became so drunk and … [Read more...]

What was internet upto through the eyes of Stumblers

StumbleUpon has been my most important discovery in the last year.  It opened up a new world for me as a blogger to share my writings.  And it has brought in new readers who are interested in the content they come for.  Since SU show content based on your liking of certain categories and the person is open to new experiences, new type of content helps.  And that is where Drishtikone has benefited tremendously from being part of the SU world.  Here are some interesting insights into the … [Read more...]

iTimes launches it re-purposed avatar as an “Interest-based Social Network”

Times of India has now launched an interesting "Interest-based Social network" by repurposing its iTimes site.  On the new site, you can discuss your different interests. The site has had appreciable number of visitors and pageviews and what was started to be "India's Facebook" was seen to be attracting people who wanted to discuss. The social networking activity wasn't as much as the discussion part. Which is what the team decided to capitalize on. The site has remained popular since its … [Read more...]

Population newly connecting on the net in Developing countries adopts Social Networking most

As the folks in the Developing countries get online, they make a beeline for the social networking sites. Not as many people in developing countries have access to the Internet as those in more developed areas of the world, but when they do get on the Web, they are more likely to join a social-networking site, according to a Pew Research Center report released today. The report -- which looked at the state of social media globally based a survey of 21 nations -- found the majority of Internet … [Read more...]

Facebook and Twitter come out with Year in Review 2012 views

The social media is sharing the year in review views of all kinds.  Personal - for your own - and the platform in general. Facebook has the Facebook 2012 in Review view. Twitter has a video on it as well as a whole series of tweets Golden Tweets: The top two Tweets that generated the most Retweets for the year, plus honorable mentions for a few others that caught attention around the world. The pulse of the planet: Some of the biggest conversations of the year that generated large … [Read more...]