Schoolgirls raped in Boarding School; Administration and Politicians make such rapes lucrative and possible

Minor girls studying in boarding school - aged between 8 and 12 - were being raped in a Chhatisgarh school and it was being covered up by prominent people in that area. Police said they have detained two men who worked at a state-run boarding school in a remote part of India for allegedly raping 11 girls. Four other people, including village officials, also were detained for allegedly covering up the incident.Police detained Mannuram Goti, the teacher, and the watchman, Deenaram, who goes by … [Read more...]

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Delhi Police Commissioner brushes off injured protesters as “Collateral Damage”!

After the Police attacks and imposition of Section 144 on Central Delhi areas, now the Police Chief of Delhi comes and puts salt in the wounds of Delhi-ites who protested."There is always collateral damage in a crackdown," Delhi Police commissionerNeeraj Kumar told a TV channel on Monday, referring to the scores of innocent people and mediapersons who got injured in Sunday's police lathicharge on protesters.The police chief refused to apologize for the Sunday's action by his force but … [Read more...]

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Delhi Gangrape: They inserted a metal rod in her and took it out with such force that her intestines came out. She has none left now!

It is difficult to even imagine the state of this girl. Imagine living her whole life on intravenous fluids only, because she has no intestines left!  These beasts not just gang raped her but inserted a metal rod and then when they took it out, her intestines came out with it!! It is difficult to even imagine such bestiality! The 23-year-old girl gangraped on a bus in south Delhi was brutalised so badly that she had only 5% of her intestine left inside her when she was brought to hospital on … [Read more...]

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