Nordic Countries are Reinventing Capitalism

Even though the welfare for the citizens is high, these economies are very strong.   Adrian Wooldridge argues that the Nordic countries are reinventing their own model of Capitalism, which is based on high competitiveness and openness, yet welfare for all. … [Read more...]

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Using Statistics to impact Elections and a Preschool in Sweden’s attempt to “Eliminate Gender” (Audio Podcast)

A very interesting talk with PhD candidate in statistics Panos Toulis about his work with the Obama campaign and the increasingly quantitative nature of elections in America.  The podcast also discusses an effort to eliminate gender at a Swedish preschool where there are no boys or girls, only "friends."  Very interesting discussions! … [Read more...]

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Almost Half (44%) of working Indians believe they have their Dream Jobs; but why is Attrition Rate so high then?

Now, this is quite an achievement!  How many of us can say that we are in our "Dream Job".  To have half of the working population believe that they are in their Dream Job, the Indian companies must be doing something really awesome!  The only issue, however, is that most of the Indian companies have a very high attrition rate.  So, it is as if "I love my job.. its a dream job.. but the one "over there" is always a bit better"! India has topped the list of countries where people are working in th … [Read more...]

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India’s permissible Radiation Limits from Cell Phone Towers is 900 times the global safety limits; causes headaches, behavioral problems

This is unacceptable. Just because people are not aware and ignorance is being misused - criminally, I would say - to hurt a population without its knowledge!  In the coming years, the health impact of this on an entire population could be nothing short of devastating. India’s permissible limit for radiation levels from mobile phone towers is 900 times higher than the safe limit of 0.5 milliwatts per square metre, suggests a global report on health risks from exposure to wireless technology ra … [Read more...]

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Important lesson for India from Sweden, the World’s Rape Capital (30 times more rapes a year than India)!

Sweden recorded 63 rapes per 100,000 inhabitants this year.  That was 30 times that of India (2 per 100,000 inhabitants).  Compared to India, Sweden must be the worst when it comes to safety of women.  Not just unsafe, but 30 times unsafe!  Right?  And what was that talk of having open attitudes of men towards nudity and women all about?  Scandinavian countries have the most liberated women in terms of their decision making and freedom of expression and life.  So what gives?Well, when one digs … [Read more...]

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More young male prostitutes than female prostitutes in Sweden

In a survey in Sweden by Swedish National Board for Youth Affairs, a strange fact came to light recently.  2.1 percent of Swedish males aged 16 to 25 admitted that they had offered their services in prostitutio, while only 0.8% of the girls admitted so.The authorities are scratching their heads at the strange phenomenon where more men in a society are involved in prostitution than women.They are trying to come out with explanations but these are more conjectures for now. A representative for … [Read more...]

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