Story of Ali Mohamed: Osama’s spy in US who infiltrated the FBI, CIA and the US Army!

What an extraordinary tale of infiltration of the US Intelligence agencies and Armed forces by an Al Qaeda spy working for Osama Bin Laden.  His motivation or ideal?  "With Political domination, Islam cannot survive"This is the true story of Egyptian spy Ali Mohamed. He infiltrated U.S. intelligence agencies, including the CIA and FBI, and joined the U.S. Army. At the same time, he took orders from the Egyptian Islamic Jihad terrorist organization and later joined forces with al Qaeda. He t … [Read more...]

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How Pakistani Kids Are Turned Into Suicide Bombers

The industry of Suicide Bombing in Pakistan is pretty institutionalized.  It is an art that has been perfected.  It is used for outside of Pakistan and inside.  Basically anyone that Taliban or the other Jehadi forces - LeT, JuM and ISI - don't like, suicide bombers are unleashed on them.In this TED talk, this lady - Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, Pakistan's only Academy-Award winning documentary filmmaker - discusses how Suicide Bombers are prepared.She calls them "Innocent" - which they are, when t … [Read more...]

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Salman Khurshid discusses Pakistan imbroglio with French TV

Salman Khurshid discusses the current issue with Pakistan. Whatever he is saying, obviously means nothing. Because he is neither here nor there. We don't have a strong policy of what will be done when Pakistan does something. And, Pakistan knows that. Our talk means absolutely nothing.When she asks "What can you do if things get worse?"And Khurshid says - we can stop playing cricket. Hmmm.. now that really really hurts Pakistan.. ain't it? Specially people like Hafeez Saeed.Image Credit: … [Read more...]

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Two reasons why Pakistani Army is Encouraged to hit at India at will

Brahma Chellaney shares some important points on what issues face India in its Pakistan policy.  He is of the view that India has presented itself as a weak nation and has abandoned the vigor to go after the main issues, including terrorism.  It is a shame that in a hurry to resume talks India has delinked them from Terrorism itself. The Pakistani military is drawing encouragement from two factors. The first factor is that the US-Pakistan relationship, after being on the boil for more than a y … [Read more...]

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