Noted.In all the years that my father signed my report card, he would simply put this one word down and sign.  No matter how lengthy the report from the teachers.  Sometimes complimentary, and sometimes pointing my weaknesses.In all the years of dealing with a world full of friendship, betrayal, love, undermining, he had probably realized that most of what is said has little meaning.  Worse, his silence and expression that was pithy at best, suggested his contempt for speaking out what he … [Read more...]

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Do we think because we exist or we exist because we think?

Am I what I think?  Do I exist because I think?  Or do I think because I exist?  Have we taken the role of thought to ridiculous extremes?A seeker inquires about the thinking process and if we create what we think. Sadhguru replies that applying too much importance on thought is an unhealthy way to approach life. Feature Image Credit: Steven Parker … [Read more...]

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Judgments are mostly visual, no thought is even involved

When they say "Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder", apparently they were dot on!  Judgments - causal ones - are indeed made only in the eyes.  Judgment, say about beauty, wouldn't even involve the mind!So, do we even think while making a judgment about someone?  This is not a rhetorical or even a philosophical question.  Medically, researchers are finding out that at the primary level of judgment no thought is employed.  Judgments are only at the level of visual cues.  Just looks.  That is wh … [Read more...]

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