Orphaned Tiger makes friends with goat kept in his cage as food!!

A Bengal tiger cub was rescued in 2009 from the Dhaba forest range in India.  He had been left orphaned after the disappearance of its mother.  The cub named Bhangaram, was then raised by the keepers of  Bor Wildlife Sanctuary.They were hoping that one day, they could release him into the wild and he could take care of his life there.But the way things have turned out, their hopes have been completely dashed.  And this became clear when they released a live goat into his enclosure with the ho … [Read more...]

How does a Tiger react when he is tickled?

How does a tiger behave when he is tickled?Here is a story of other animals, but the featured image shows the tiger being tickled :) Read Quote of Kaushik Parashar's answer to Wildlife: What happens if you tickle a tiger? on Quora … [Read more...]