Hookah vs Cigarettes: Studies show Hookah is better and College women are doing more Hookah in US

As if slowing the run into things like cancer is something to rejoice.  But then we have a world where such research studies are still done and lapped up by people who would rather place their health and life in someone else's hands.  Apparently, a study has found that Hookah - yes those smoking pipes in the "Hookah Bars" - are better than cigarettes. Smoking a "hookah" may be less harmful than a cigarette as it contains lower levels of four toxic metals, claims a new international study r … [Read more...]

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Trend of Kids Chewing Gutka on the rise in India

This is the result of mindless commercialization without preparing the population or having structures for proper education.  This is absolutely scary if its a trend, and from the figures it seems to be becoming a trend. Times have changed profoundly; a six year old is diagnosed with fourth stage of oral submucous fibrosis (OSMF), a disorder related to inflammation of tissues in the mouth. As informed by doctors, resulting from chewing tobacco for a long period of time. The situation has alarmed … [Read more...]

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