Funniest Experiences on a train in India

Indian Railways is an amazing enterprise because of its sheer volume and scale.  Life on Indian trains is of another world.  But some experiences leave you completely bewidered and laughing.  Here are some shared by a regular Indian traveler. Read Quote of Adrianna Tan's answer to Travel: What are some of the funniest incidents that have happened during your travel by Indian Railways? on Quora … [Read more...]

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Three Delhi guys in a car make passes at Aaj Tak’s Anjana Kashyap while she reports on Delhi Gangrape case!

Here is a strange and pathetic case in which the Aaj Tak reporter, Anjana Kashyap, is hounded by three guys driving around in a car as she is reporting on the Delhi Gangrape case.  Of course the camera catches their faces and the license plate of the car.  But will the police do something even now?Even more importantly, what is Delhi coming to?    Related articles from External SourcesDelhi gangrape: Kareena Kapoor calls for reassessment of rape laws in India Student g … [Read more...]

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