Yet another Bus Gang rape – in Punjab – and victim dumped

It is as if the collective male consciousness has just become mind-numbingly criminal in India.  Close on the heels of the death of Jyoti Singh Pandey, the Delhi Gang rape victim, come another gang rape, which can bring the images of Delhi's nightmare back. The victim had boarded the service to her in-laws' home in the northern state of Punjab when she was abducted Friday and driven to a district bordering the Sikh holy city of Amritsar, local police officer Raj Jeet Singh said.Five men joined … [Read more...]

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AP Congress Chief: “Just because India achieved freedom at midnight does not mean that women can venture out after dark”

Just when you think you have heard it all in terms of complete insensitivity of the powers-that-be; someone from the establishment comes out with something that leaves you flabbergasted with the response.  Here AP Congress Chief comes up with the most asinine comment on the Delhi gangrape incident. While his party bosses in the national capital have been nearly pulverized by raging protests against the gang-rape of a Delhi girl, Andhra Pradesh Congress chief Botsa Satyanarayana on Monday opened … [Read more...]

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Best Tribute to the Gangrape victim: Let us all become parents to the city and its women

Sometimes in the face of extreme adversity comes extreme courage.When I read about the girl in Delhi who was the victim of gangrape and what she is going through as well as her love of life and strength to fight back despite of what she has left with her of her life - psychologically, mentally, and physically - I have nothing much utmost admiration and love for her.As per the police, she was very forthcoming about giving her statement to the DCP Chhaya Sharma as well as to the Magistrate.  … [Read more...]

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Tihar Inmates beat up Delhi Gang rapist and force him to eat human excreta and drink urine!

Wow, even the hard core criminals can't stand the inhumanity of this guy.  Serves him right.  For once, the Tihar Jail inmates may be India's heroes! Even Tihar Jail inmates couldn't stand the horror of the Delhi bus gangrape case . This came to light when the inmates beat up Mukesh, the main accused in the Delhi bus gangrape case, in the jail. Sources in the jail said Mukesh was also forced to consume human excreta and urine.After the attack , jail authorities have decided to lodge him separ … [Read more...]

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Delhi Gangrape: They inserted a metal rod in her and took it out with such force that her intestines came out. She has none left now!

It is difficult to even imagine the state of this girl. Imagine living her whole life on intravenous fluids only, because she has no intestines left!  These beasts not just gang raped her but inserted a metal rod and then when they took it out, her intestines came out with it!! It is difficult to even imagine such bestiality! The 23-year-old girl gangraped on a bus in south Delhi was brutalised so badly that she had only 5% of her intestine left inside her when she was brought to hospital on … [Read more...]

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