Isn’t Islamic Kalma an Exclusivist statement and does it incite violence?

When something is repeated as a matter of right - religious right at that - and with fanatic passion, then the social take on those things usually seems to become that it is kosher.  Often even truth.  One of the reasons - actually the Major reason - why out of all the ideologies, I believe Islam begets violence is because it is Exclusive in nature.  It tries to trash everything else as opposed to its professed ideology.  Not only does it trash other ideologies, it does so righteously.  As if its … [Read more...]

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Faiz's Aaj Baazaar Mein – Translated and Explained

By Toronto based Poet, Anis ZuberiCourtesy, Junaid ZuberiAnother translation of Faiz rendered by a Toronto based poet – Anis Zuberi. This is a timeless poem or nazm, aaj bazaar main pa ba jolan chalo has been translated and explained below.Aaj bazaar main pa ba jolan chaloaaj bazaar main pa bajolan chalo let us walk in bazaar in shacklesChashm-e-nam, jaan-e-shoreeda kafi nahin wet eyes and restless soul is not enoughTohmat-e-ishq-posheeda kafi nahin being charged for nurturing c … [Read more...]

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