Delhi: A City That Connects the Diverse

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India's capital New Delhi has seen it all.  Kings born, killed and thriving, traitors selling away the nation, poets of incredible eminence write and share their best works, pacifists and the most violent call it their home.  Over the last many centuries the city has expanded beyond what was the core of Delhi - the Old Delhi area.  The New Delhi with expanse on the West and South, where the refugees from partition came and trans-Yamuna area on the East with migrants from UP and other st … [Read more...]

Spiritual Saviors? But there is nothing to Save!


One day I happened to meet a rather self righteous-posing as a do-gooder missionary.  He had a script firmly implanted in his mind and went through the usual narrative of how I was a sinner - rather we all are - and then how Jesus could be my savior.  His small talk and then this rather despondent news of me being a sinner, without him knowing anything about me, left me really irritated.  So I took him head on."So, who did you say is my savior, Sir?""Jesus"."Oh, the dude who was dra … [Read more...]

Man who spent 19 years proving he was alive after officially being declared as dead!

Lal Bihari "Mritak" is a native of Amilo, in Azamgarh district, Uttar Pradesh, who was born in 1955.In 1975, Lal Bihari went to Revenue office in district headquarters, Azamgarh to get an Identity Proof.  He was in for a rather rude shock!  Officially he was dead in the Government records.  Apparently, his Uncle had bribed the officials to have him declared dead officially, so he could get the ownership of just less an acre of Bihari's ancestral land at Khalilabad.He went ahead and formed t … [Read more...]

Study: Participating in MahaKumbh improves physical and mental well-being of Pilgrims; Positive impact remains even after the event

The MahaKumbh 2013 has been talked about a lot as it started this week.  It has attracted attention for its Naked Sadhus - the Nagas; the crowds, the celebs who have been and will be there.  The pilgrims who go there, go for a Spiritual aspiration.  Of liberation.  Now, without any deep enough awareness of the Spiritual experience, one may or may not be able to experience a liberated state.Does that mean that ordinary folks are just restricted to experience large crowds, din above which you hav … [Read more...]

What Pakistan can learn from the Indian Experience of fighting polio

Polio as a disease rendered many young lives in India very difficult to live forever, until 2011, when this disease was eradicated from India. The last reported polio case – a young girl in West Bengal – was recorded on Jan. 13, 2011. In February 2012, the World Health Organization removed India from the list of polio-endemic countries, a historic achievement given that until very recently, India was considered the epicenter of the disease and had been predicted to be the last country to stop pol … [Read more...]

Rape Map of India: Insightful, Indicative and Useful

The following "Rape Map of India" is very interesting.  In 2011, a total of 24,206 rape cases were registered in India, as per the National Crime Records Bureau.  The map gives the distribution of the cases.  Obviously, reporting of rape cases in India is not the same as reporting of a rape case in, say Sweden.  Many go unreported in India.  So, while this gives an indication of regional occurrence, it shouldn't be taken as truth for overall numbers.As can be seen the top 6 states for the crim … [Read more...]

Experts agree no other politician has done for Gujarat what Modi has

Experts are now unanimous that no other politician has done for Gujarat what Modi has been able to do.  No wonder the Gujaratis dont seem to want any other party or "leader" replace him. Explains former IIM director, professor Bakul Dholakia,”Modi has improved the living conditions and the earnings of almost nine% of the poor in Gujarat over the past several years. And nine% of a total 6 crore population means an impressive 54 lakh.” Dholakia points to sections of the manifesto where Modi’s econo … [Read more...]

Has Congress ditched Nehru-Gandhi family in Gujarat Election ads?

Indeed, that is an interesting observation.  I have not seen the ads in Gujarat, but I would like the readers to share what they have seen and if this is true? Modi said, in last 60 years history, the Congress party has always campaigned with the photographs of the Nehru/Gandhi dynasty.“But in Gujarat election campaign, Congress has not used the photographs of Nehru, Indira, Rajiv, Sonia, Rahul in any of the advertisements. Why they had to withdraw their leaders from their advertisements? Do th … [Read more...]