Haal chaal THEEK thaak HAI, PM-ji aap ki dua se sab THEEK thaak hai!!

Dr. Manmohan Singh finally spoke.  And when he ended his listless speech, he ended it with "Theek Hai", probably asking the camera man if the take was fine.  And for some reason it was played at the end of the whole video!And now it is trending high on Twitter in India!  Here are some interesting tweets!  Madam, madam sorry madam, maine aise hi pooch liya #theekhai? Aage se will stick to the script. Theek hai? Oops madam, sorry..hello? hello?— Chetan Bhagat (@chetan_bhagat) December … [Read more...]

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The Big Fight (NDTV) on Higgs Boson: Some Reflections

There is a lot of interest in the "God Particle" and the debates on TV are happening on the subject as well.The debate on NDTV under the title "The Big Fight" was one such discussion / debate.  My interest of entry in this debate was that my Guru, Sadhguru was also part of the panel.The discussion was interesting and in many ways, the prejudices and biases of people came out as well as their stance.Some of the interesting things - Swami Atma Preyananda of the RK Mission was an interesting … [Read more...]

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