Science of Winning and Losing: People are wired differently; an interesting discussion

People differ in how they approach competition.  Men and women are different as well in their approaches.When the stakes are high, when it’s all on the line, some people rise to the occasion.  They savor the challenge.  The thrill of competition.  They want, badly, to win.  While others feel dread.  Their hands go cold.  They begin to sweat.Bestselling authors Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman have looked at the research of what happens to us when we compete.  They’ve found that some people are … [Read more...]

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Cadbury’s Integrity Gap: Was Avoiding Taxes using a non-existing factory!

Not only have the Indian companies been adept at cheating the tax payers along with their brothers - the politicians, but they have taught the foreign companies to also learn some neat tricks.It now seems Cadbury's was avoiding taxes by showing a factory that wasn't! Cadbury Plc, now part of Mondelez International Inc (NasdaqGS: MDLZ - news) , used a nonexistent factory in India to avoid about $46 million (30.4 million pounds) in taxes, the Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday, citing a re … [Read more...]

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Secrets of Happy Families: Wisdom from Empirical study runs counter to traditional wisdom

For his new book, The Secrets of Happy Families, Bruce Feiler used his experience as an investigative reporter to discover new techniques and ideas to make contemporary family life more functional, more meaningful and more fun. Rather than turning to traditional experts, he interviewed creative thinkers from the fields of business, sports, technology, television and the military and much of what he found countered age old-wisdom about what it takes to have a fulfilling family life. Guest host … [Read more...]

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Russian Meteor weighed 10,000 tons and released energy equal to 30 Hiroshima Atomic Bombs!

Remember the meteor over Russia that exploded?  It was a once in a century event.  Last time such a massive meteor of this size hit the earth was in 1908!  And unlike the initial estimate of 10 tons that the scientists had of this meteor; it is now believed to have been 10,000 tons.  And, it released energy equal to 30 Atom Bombs that exploded over Hiroshima!  Heck, a little closer to Earth and the impact could have been really devastating! New estimates reported by NASA indicate that the meteor … [Read more...]

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Rape Map of India: Insightful, Indicative and Useful

The following "Rape Map of India" is very interesting.  In 2011, a total of 24,206 rape cases were registered in India, as per the National Crime Records Bureau.  The map gives the distribution of the cases.  Obviously, reporting of rape cases in India is not the same as reporting of a rape case in, say Sweden.  Many go unreported in India.  So, while this gives an indication of regional occurrence, it shouldn't be taken as truth for overall numbers.As can be seen the top 6 states for the crim … [Read more...]

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