How the NRA conquered America’s gun debate

NRA is a powerful lobby and despite so many deaths and carnages around the country, a 300 year old culture of deviant and violent people is promoted as being the hallmark of the soul of the most developed nation in the world.  Just as the Islamists are busy taking over a billion people back to the 7th century; the NRA enthusiasts are taking this nation and its people to the Wild West of the 18th century.  Same difference.  But these Rip Van Winkles won't awaken.Here is what happened during a vo … [Read more...]

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How one Autistic Couple tries to live a “normal” life

Autism is a tough situation, where the person, though living at the high end of spectrum on certain skills is short on the emotional front.  But people with such syndromes do have feelings.  How do they navigate the world and express them?  Can they live normal lives?  Here is a one couple that’s navigating those challenges. And finding that their shared diagnosis helps them understand each other.  This is a program by Tom Ashbrook on "On Point Radio.Guests:Amy Harmon, Pulitzer Prize- … [Read more...]

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India has a law against rape 56 days later; US has nothing 58 days after Sandy Hook; Wash Post decries speed of reform in US

Washington Post is lamenting that US can't seem to act in a crisis fast enough.  At least not as fast as India can.  Although the Sandy Hook shooting happened 2 days before the Delhi Gangrape, a law is already there to take care of the issue.  Yes, it is not perfect, but at least something came to pass. However, on Sunday, the Indian president ratified a landmark package of laws dealing with sexual violence, just 56 days after the brutal gang rape of a 23-year-old woman on a New Delhi bus."The … [Read more...]

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The Great Yoga Debate: Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Aseem Shukla

There are three law students from the same class studying for a bar exam. Two buy the popular guide books and study them completely (end-to-end) while the third just goes back to his class notes and reads them well again and doesn't indulge in buying any guides or books. When the result is out, the one who just read his notes, tops, while one of those who bought the guide books is a close second, and the third, fails.The guy who comes first, looks at both and says reading guide books is a … [Read more...]

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