Logic Framework to test the Question: Why do beautiful women marry unattractive men and good looking men marry beautiful women?

Some people have this idea that although Good-looking women marry not so good looking men, Good looking men do marry good looking women.  But is that true?  Here is an interesting mathematical argument. Read Quote of Gayle Laakmann McDowell's answer to Attractiveness and Attractive People: Why do good looking women often marry men who are way less attractive while good-looking men more-often marry good-looking women? on Quora … [Read more...]

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Gandhi ALSO blamed Women for getting Raped; Do Misogyny and Obsession with Sexual Purity go Hand-in-Hand?

Mahatama Gandhi was, after all, the "Father of the Nation". What's wrong if the sons take after their father?A lot has been said about Rape and the Indian culture.  Even Hinduism has been invoked to show linkages to the rape epidemic currently in place in India.  But are we victims of the prejudices of moralistic politicians who neither knew Hinduism nor were straight with the people?  Gandhi - the Father of the Nation - is one such person whom we shall look at today.Gandhi once said of a Ra … [Read more...]

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The End of Men… and Rise of Women: a discussion

Is the power dynamics changing towards the women?  This writer says - that women and men equation is surely changing.   Related articlesHow a feminist debate was derailed by asking all men to leave | Marta Owczarek Trendy Lifestyles & Rise in Disposable Income to Drive Dramatic Shift in Global Hosiery Market, According to New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc. The War on Men Women - Beat the clock & make your dreams come true! The Gap Between Marriage and … [Read more...]

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