Becoming Neo-Pascalian: The Augustinian Problem


In pursuing Pascal, it is not long before we come face-to-face with a conundrum. It’s the sticky wicket that challenged Pascal, and while we won’t be able to resolve it, we can at least look at it. Last week we talked about the violent division in French society between Catholics and Protestants. Religious conflict wasn’t [Read More...]

Tales from My Father: On Prayer and Two Old Women, One with Blue Hair

steeple - macmoov

  As pastor’s kids (there were three of us—the “pretty” one, the “good” one, and “the one who put up Kiss posters”—I’ll leave you to guess which one I was), we enjoyed a certain amount of both notoriety and adulation, depending on who the observer was. As a little one, I remember weaving in and [Read More...]